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Being Politically Aware

 Written by    October 1, 2013

is not my strong suit. I will admit. So when someone comes up to me and tells me “what do you think of the government shutting down?” I stare at them in stupor and automatically think that the apocalypse is finally happening. I call my sister. I call my paw paw. I call my  mom and ask to talk to my dog Daisy. This is clearly the end, right? RIGHT?

Wrong. At least … half-wrong. The world isn’t ending, but change is definitely coming, especially if we can’t come to some political agreements.

Which brings me to a short (mostly because I don’t know anything about politics) and probably politically incorrect blog about our government.

And the main thing that I want to say is it’s important to know what’s going on in the government and our country.

I’m not a big advocate for parties. I think having split parties will eventually undo us, sort of like it is doing now with the disagreement in the House and Congress. So I’m no democrat or republican; I’m only an advocate for being aware of what’s happening in the world, even if you don’t care about politics.

Or else you’ll have episodes like mine where you instantly want to call your mommy and daddy and begin storing bottles of water under your bed for the ultimate doomsday.

Because that’s what I went through. After reading up on it, I was scared for my sister who’s husband is in the military and who also utilizes WIC (Women, Infants, and Children). I was scared for the veterans who’s disability pay may eventually disappear. I was scared for myself in trying to get a job once I graduate. I thought the government actually ended, and riots would break out, and crime would go up, and money would be stolen, and the zombies would come out.

But that’s not the case. And I do think that some individual’s issues are that they take this one sentence, “what do you think of the government shutting down?” and they run with it. They start spreading scenarios that are typically not accurate and scare people into thinking that we should join in the Natives in the mountains. It’s miscommunication and it’s misunderstanding and it’s the human need to blame someone.

I see it clearly now, after doing proper research and avoiding bias. I am still worried about the future of our government, however, and what it will be like if we can’t get our act together as a single country and come to some agreement. And I do think that precautions need to be taken by individuals, but it’s not enough for me to drop out of school and become an isolated hermit.

Become politically aware. You don’t have to choose sides, you don’t have to join a party,  you don’t even have to have an opinion. Just become aware. You can do it the investigative and fact-finding way ( news article to read ) or you can do it the fun, yet less informational way ( time with Jon Stewart ). I chose both, and now I have to call and apologize to my mother and sister. Maybe even Daisy too.

PS: because you know I love memes, there are ALREADY memes about the shutdown. Here are some of my favorites 🙂







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