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The Worst Addiction in College

 Written by    October 16, 2013

is skipping class. By far.


Because I have to start off every blog entry with a meme…

In the three and a half years I’ve been a college student, I’ve found many upon many addictions, hobbies, distractions, and just plain differences from what life was like in high school. But the most addictive one by far is skipping class.

It’s amazing how many excuses I can come up with to justify skipping class. Like the one mentioned in the meme above. Just because you’re going to be 5 minutes late to your class does not mean you have to skip the whole thing. But you’ll say a number of things to yourself to justify this:

“Well, I’ll interrupt the class.”

“I’ll be embarrassed.”

“I didn’t do the homework anyway.”

“Well, maybe I can just ask so-and-so for the notes.”

And my personal favorite, “It’s just one day.”

No, my friends, it is not just one day. If anything, that one day that you skip is the most important day for rest of your college career. Because once you skip class once, there is NO going back. And you will skip again. And again. And again. Because of that one day.

I write about this because this very thing happened to me on Monday. Mondays, I only have two classes. One at 12:40 for 55 minutes and one at 3 for 55 minutes. They’re two afternoon classes, so I don’t have to wake up early. They are both incredibly short, so they won’t take very much of my time. And they’re super easy lectures where all I have to do is type the notes on the powerpoint. Going to class on Mondays should not be that hard.

But I skipped the one at 12:40. I don’t even really recall why. I still went to campus to work on other things, but I just didn’t go to class. I woke up, cleaned my apartment, went to the bank, then sat in the Union to do some work (not even all necessarily school work). I was on a roll so I decided to just not go to my 12:40 class. I got a good bit of things done. I had class from 3 to 3:55 then I had a late lunch scheduled with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while at four. But since i had tae kwon do at 6, i would have to leave my friend by 5 at the latest. That just wasn’t enough time. So i decided to skip my 3 o’clock class and go to lunch at 3 instead. I spent two hours with my friend.

EXCUSES. They just pile on and pile on until soon enough, you’re not going to any classes and you’re making less than average grades on the midterms that you thought were going to be easy.

And it only worsens with “senioritis.” Once you’re a senior and you send the end in sight, classes just don’t seem to be number one on your list anymore, when they absolutely should be.

So I’ve had to set some goals for myself to persuade myself to go to class. I have a 3.45 GPA right now and I’ve set a goal for myself to graduate “cum laude” or with honors. That’s a 3.5 GPA. And while that doesn’t seem hard for me with a 3.4, it most definitely is. And it most definitely won’t happen if I keep skipping class.

So some helpful tips:

  1. SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF. Like the graduating with honors or making straight A’s or something. Setting personal goals will help you justify why you should go instead of why you shouldn’t.
  2. When scheduling classes, try and schedule them with a friend. Having a friend with you will make you more likely to go to class. Then, when you’re in class, sit up front so you don’t get distracted with other things. If you don’t have a friend that will take a class with you, make a friend in the class. And the same rules will apply.
  3. Try not to plan any “extras” around your class times, like I did with my lunch. I know that sometimes you can’t get around it, but planning extra things like that only makes it harder to go to class and easier to want to do that thing quicker. Try to avoid something like that unless that thing has a strict time schedule, like a meeting that starts and stops at certain times.

I need to hear this blog more than anyone, but I know some of you are having the same problems. But we just have to keep telling ourselves to STICK THROUGH IT. We’re not in college forever and when we graduate with grades less than we wanted, we’re going to wish that we went to that first class that first time and that this downward spiral didn’t happen. Especially seniors. You made it this far, try and push through the rest of your classes. You’ll be out before you know it.


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