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 Written by    October 21, 2013

You could possibly count on one hand the number of people who claim Monday is their favorite day of the week.  Yes, the start of the week brings worries, stress, and a five day gap between the weekend.  Its easy to let Monday get us in the blues, but that doesn’t mean we should!

The best thing to do to avoid getting the Monday Blues is to make the day stand out from the rest of the week.  Here’s just a few ways that I like to beat the Mondays:

  • Have one of your favorite meals for dinner
  • Put together a nice outfit for the day
  • Read a book for fun
  • Watch one of your favorite movies or TV shows before bed
  • Play video games with friends
  • Participate in campus events
  • Try something new

Having a fun, memorable Monday can set the course for the rest of your week.  Before you know it, Monday could be a day you look forward to!


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