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Get On Your Feet, Buckeye Nation

 Written by    October 26, 2013

High on adrenaline, possessing only remnants of a voice, and exhausted.

That is how you should find yourself when leaving an Ohio State University football game.

Recently, Block O posted an article regarding the phenomenon that is the growing lack of intimidation posed by Ohio State fans.


Sadly, this article is absolutely right on point.

Multiple times during football games, despite the sold-out crowds, it is not uncommon to find students sitting or, get this, leaving early. That’s right: leaving early.

Even before the game (which boasts ticket prices that rival most professional sporting venues) is over, and before everyone stands together and sings Carmen Ohio, some “fans” find those last few minutes of the game not worth their time.

This is complete and utter garbage.

If someone goes to an Ohio State game, especially a football game, they should be on their feet yelling their hearts out the entirety of the game: both for the team as well as for the band.

Otherwise, why are you going? The team needs every decibel we can give them. As Tim Jessberger, the Content Chair of Block O, wrote:

“The solution is simple: if you go to the game, cheer loud, be proud, and be a part of the atmosphere. Ohio State has a historic and proud tradition, and you should be proud of this team. First down? Make it difficult. Third down? Penn State players shouldn’t be able to hear. Period. Fourth down? Ohio Stadium needs to be an inferno.”

Think they can’t really hear you on the field? Well just listen to how loud 106,000 of us were when Bradley Roby was, quite arguably, ejected for “targeting” against Iowa:

We need to reclaim our spot as THE most intimidating stadium in the country, and one that teams are nervous to play in.

Our team is contending to be 20-0, we need to act like it. The atmosphere in the Horseshoe needs to be downright electric.

So get on your feet, do the Buckeye Bounce, the stadium “O-H-I-O,” and be loud every. single. play.

Get up,
Get loud,

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