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Finally Figuring Out the Bus System

 Written by    October 31, 2013

A month ago I posted about how I ended up in farmland by attempting to ride a bus to South Campus. I am proud to say that I have finally figured out the system and have been happily riding the bus for weeks.

I consider myself a rational person, so it should have been obvious that the “West” campus bus would not take me south. For a while, I did wait for the “South” bus. It is now apparent that the real problem is that the bus stop I was waiting at discontinued the service to south due to construction.   

My impatience got the better of me, eventually causing me to get on the wrong bus and hoping that it would go in the direction I needed (no such luck). After some research, I am now armed with an app and decent knowledge of how the buses run. I am proud to report that you will no longer see me on a bus looking desperate and lost.

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