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On a dark, stormy night in Columbus…

 Written by    October 31, 2013



…on the campus of The Ohio State University.  A student blogger sat in his dorm’s common area.  He had been glazing at his laptop for the past hour, seemingly unable to come up with an idea for a new blog.  His roommates had stepped out earlier, so he was alone, as far as he knew.

After some time passed he gave up and searched the ground for his PS3 controller.  “Maybe I’ll play that new Batman game”, he thought to himself.  He inspected the floor until he finally noticed the controller poking from  underneath the couch.  As he went to grab it, he heard a low growling sound.  “Must be a problem with the ventilation”, he whispered to himself.  But he heard it again…then louder…as if it were getting closer.  He wasn’t sure what to do, it wasn’t something he could just ignore.  So he slowly turned around, and the room was filled with a terrified yell!

It didn’t come from our hero though.  The student stared in confusion at what appeared to be a ghostly, disfigured blue and maize wolverine!   The odd creature had a face full of panic as it flew through the window and far, far away from OSU.  Its safe to say the student was very confused.  As he headed to his room he passed by a mirror, then stopped to get a second look.  “Ah, no wonder that thing took off so fast.”, he thought.  He was wearing his Brutus Buckeye sweatshirt.

Happy Halloween!



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