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Fall Spirit?

 Written by    November 4, 2013

I don’t know about you….

but I love autumn!


There are so many things about fall that make it the best season:

1. First and foremost, football.

I mean, we are THE Ohio State University Buckeyes, right?! What’s better than sitting in the Shoe (or via television) watching the Buckeyes battle (welp, not really many battles yet this season) for the big win on a Saturday night? Check out these awesome seats:


2. New Classes.

We just came back from summer break and are starting some new classes – “a fresh start.” For some freshmen, this is where it all begins! Chilling on the 11th floor of Thompson Library is always an awesome study idea:


3. Parties.

All the parties are cool around this time, and you can walk without freezing to death (maybe not now). Parties are awesome places to meet new people. This picture is of my friend Stella and me dressed up for a Black and White party another home church threw:


4. Scarlet & Gray Everything.

Hey, it’s football season and everybody’s in the spirit! Stores are selling and people are wearing and even eating scarlet & gray adorned items! Look at my “Game Day” donut from Tim Horton’s:


5. Pumpkins.

Kroger has lots of pumpkins and houses have knives – perfect for pumpkin-carving! Once you’re done, you can display your lovely artwork on your porch! Unfortunately, people like to smash them in the street. That’s what happened to these pumpkins a few days later:


6. Um, Halloween!

Halloween is fun for college students! It’s a struggle to find or make a costume out of thrift shop clothes, but when you pull it off, you’re bound to have a great time. Here are my roommates and me dressed up for a Halloween party:


4. Last, but definitely not least, the scenery!

You have to admit, fall leaves are beautiful and Ohio State has an amazing campus to showcase these seasonal changes! I took some pictures last fall:

DSCN2752 DSCN2750 DSCN2749 DSCN2741 DSCN2755 DSCN2756

What are you doing this lovely autumn day?

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