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The Right To Bear Arms

 Written by    November 5, 2013

Do you have the right to bear arms? Or do we need to reach out and really look at this situation we are in. (Shh, this post isn’t about what you think…)

Okay so this post clearly isn’t about guns. Sorry if I disappointed you. But I got you to click on it right?It’s literally about arms. More specifically, my arms. And this picture:

It looks a lot better on flickr. Click the image to bring it up in a new window.

In my quest to boost my portfolio, and the fact I didn’t have any Spanish homework over the weekend, I made this portrait.

I am actually really impressed with myself at how it came out. This is the first time I had an idea, and was able to reconstruct the idea 100% in an image.

This picture is supposed to symbolize the internal struggle one has when faced with stress, or trauma. You want to reach out to someone, but your own fear blocks yourself from being able to reach out.

It is also about the opposite. When you are suffering and someone else tries to reach out and help you, you build up this wall out of fear and you don’t let them in. It’s supposed to be creepy and somewhat scary because the outcome of someone reaching out to you is unknown. You have no idea if you will get hurt. I struggle with this a lot.

Not saying I don’t reach out to others, or let others help me, but it’s hard to let people past the walls that you’ve built up. You can’t see what’s beyond that wall. You don’t know what can happen.

That’s what a lot of college is about: not knowing what’s beyond that door. Everyone in the outside world is trying to get you to come out and live your life. But right now, just starting in college, or even if you are graduating, you don’t know what to do. You sit there afraid.

You have to get up and let yourself out. Let all those “arms” embrace you. It may seem scary now, but in reality all those arms are your own. You are the only one holding yourself back.

(But really though. All those arms are mine.)


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  1. Dave says:

    To me, this image is about what not to do in the event of the zombie apocalypse. When zombies are breaking down the door and reaching into the room that you’re in, get the chain saw – then you can bear as many arms as you like.

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