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Gordon Gee Saves the Day!

 Written by    November 13, 2013

It’s been quite a while, and I have a few posts in the works, but here is something that is very recent in my life…

It was just a normal day… getting off from work and I was headed over to the 5th Annual Bellwether Improv Festival to see some friends and improv professionals perform (check it out on twitter #Bell5 and @8thfloorimprov … its awesome!). Chatting with former OSU president E. Gordon Gee… You know 😉

Thanks Dr. Gee!

But it wasn’t an entirely normal day. Because of my interesting course plan (Mechanical Engineering and Theatre majors with a minor in Design), I have acquired too many too many hours for a normal student which has created some issues in my scholarships. I called a few offices through their general numbers to get help, but because of my unique scenario, I wasn’t getting the answers that I needed. I felt like I was spending all of this time and energy fighting for what I felt was right when I should have been working on my research, or homework or SOMETHING else.

I was leaving work at Union Market and saw a small crowd around a jovial energy that could be none other than Dr. E. Gordon Gee. With the exasperation that I had felt that day, I figured that it couldn’t hurt to ask him for help… He says he cares about students, why not see for myself. When the photo frenzy around him slowed down, I asked him for help with my scholarship scenario and he listened and told me to send him an email to his personal email address to explain and remind him and that he would find someone to help.

He may not be OSU’s official president anymore, he’s still TCB… Taking Care of Business.

I sent him an email early Tuesday morning so it wouldn’t be bogged down in his inbox, and he replied early that afternoon with a short and sweet message and a pledge to get me in touch with the right person.

The next morning, I receive an email from the Associate Director of Student Financial Aid and less than an hour later, we’ve talked on the phone and it has all been settled. *sigh of relief*

By 2pm today, another email from Dr. Gee confirming that everything was resolved.

As an aside, I have been asking professors for advice on what I should do after I graduate. I am so torn between fields and what I should do, and what is expected of me and what I want to do that sometimes it is hard to even tell the difference. I was telling a professor about the contacts that I have in an industry and how I should follow through with that and he told me “If someone actually follows through and helps you, it is a bonus… its great if someone says that they will help you, but don’t actually expect them to. Work hard as if they won’t.”

I was thankful that Dr. Gee did help.

I thanked Dr. Gee by email, but I figured I would put it out in the blogosphere as well. He has done a lot of great things for this university and continues to do so. I’m sad that when I receive my diplomas this spring that they won’t be signed by Dr. Gee though.

Thanks Again!


Lessons learned:

– E. Gordon Gee is a “G”

– Be persistent enough to ask different people when your problems aren’t being solved

– Go to the top (not necessarily saying go to the president, or former president), but ask to speak with a supervisor or how to get in contact with someone higher in the organization. Part of my issue was probably settling with the answers of the students who sometimes answer the phones and who wouldn’t necessarily be as familiar with a weird case like mine…





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