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What’s in a Name?

 Written by    November 15, 2013

A lot, apparently.

When my “West Campus bound” bus passed the stadium and headed across the bridge, I watched the Towers fade into the distance (think of a really sappy movie with a girl from, say, the 1940s who’s watching the “guy she never got together with” get smaller and smaller as her train pulls away from the station…) and realized that “West Campus” has two completely different meanings in two separate contexts.

Context 1: “Yeah, I live on West Campus.”
Interpretation: “I live so close to the stadium that I can see the fifty-yard line from my bathroom window!” *

Context 2: “Yeah, my class meets on West Campus.”
Interpretation: “My class is very far away and I have to cross the Olentangy to get there.”

As I finally got off the bus at RPAC Plaza, I vowed to myself I would think twice before boarding a bus headed to “West Campus” ever again.


What else is in a name? Let’s see—

Previously on “Mershon and Mershon”…



As I related in my last post, I’ve learned that the Mershon Center and Mershon Auditorium are two different places on opposite sides of campus. (Click here to read that post!)


Aaaaand…speaking about places with the exact same name, have you heard of Wexner State University?


We’ve got the Wexner Medical Center, the Wexner Jewish Student Center, the Les Wexner Football Center, and the Wexner Center for the Arts.

Anything else? Did I miss one?


The University also is in the midst of renaming a bunch of buildings, which makes it really confusing to talk to upperclassmen.

actual text conversation I had with a senior, which…may have been slightly dramatized for effect.

actual text conversation I had with a senior, which…may have been slightly dramatized for effect.


Since Enarson Hall has been renamed Hale Hall (and Hale Hall was torn down), Central Classrooms has been renamed Enarson Classrooms. The 18th Avenue Library is the new name for the Science and Engineering Library, which will probably get renamed in a few years too. (Ugh.)

This ends my Student’s Guide to Confusingly-Named Ohio State Buildings. Have you ever gotten bested by some stubbornly-similar-sounding building names? Are there any of your favorites I missed? Leave them in the comments below.

*Don’t worry—as far as I know, there aren’t any windows in the Lincoln and Morrill bathrooms, but there are some rooms from which you can see the 50-yard line.


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“Wexner University” pictures: facebook.com/OSUmemes

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