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 Written by    December 16, 2013

Sometimes, you have to gather some close friends, hop on a COTA bus, and ride into the sunset.

Well, in our case, it was more of a mid-morning sunrise. It was a Saturday of Veteran’s Day weekend. People were all over the place, whether at home or on a trip somewhere, so a couple of friends and I decided to have an adventure of our own that day.

We have all seen it: the ominous heading on the COTA buses of “18 TUTTLE MALL.”

Now, we were not exactly sure if there really did exist a physical mall, or if it was simply some large open space similar to the National Mall in Washington D.C.

That uncertainty, however, is what makes for a fun day.

The three of us hopped on the COTA 18 bus, which we found was headed northwest. However, after a solid 45 minutes on the bus, and everyone else getting off, the ever-so-kind bus driver informed us that this particular bus did not really go to Tuttle Mall.


Apparently there are distinct #18 COTA buses, some that service up to Kenny Drive, and some that make the trek all the way to Tuttle Crossing Mall (which we learned, by the way, was a legitimate shopping mall).

Accordingly, we had to get off the bus and wait for the appropriate bus to swing by, in approximately another 45 minutes. With our newly gifted free time, we decided to roam the area we were in, which was a nice suburb, of sorts, and venture into a nearby WalMart.

At WalMart, we were pleasantly reminded how much cheaper real food is compared to campus food, when you do not have to use blocks for sometimes over-priced university food purchases.

Anyway, eventually the right bus came, and found us lying on a sunny, windswept hillside.


After hopping on and crossing the Scioto River (which, by the way, is a very nice looking river), we made it to our destination after a total of an hour and a half on COTA buses.

The return trip, on the right bus, would end up taking roughly 40 minutes.

The bus stop for the mall was right in front of the Macy’s store, and ultimately brought us right where we wanted to go (the southbound stop is actually the same stop as well).

Tuttle Crossing Mall made for an interesting afternoon in a new environment, and was a welcome day on-the-town. It is a pretty nice mall, and, naturally, we made sure to test out their food court.


Oh, and they even had a “Tangled” sign, so there are brownie points for that too.


Overall, I highly recommend taking adventures and exploring places like Tuttle Mall. If anything, you will encounter plenty of interesting characters on the COTA bus system. Anything from self-proclaimed collegiate football analysts to bold individuals with questionable takes on the political system.

Either way, don’t be afraid of riding the COTA and going on urban adventures!

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