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No Longer My Doppelgänger

 Written by    March 3, 2014

Last year was my freshman year at The Ohio State University and I’ll admit that it was mediocre. And because pointing fingers is fun and sometimes necessary for moving on, I’m going to blame that lack of fulfillment not on myself, but on the true culprit:

“College Emily.”

“College Emily” is the enemy I hate to love. She has so many admirable ideas about what she should be doing, wearing, saying, and being. But unfortunately, she is infected with the idea that she has to live up to these ridiculous expectations or risk the soul-crushing grip of defeat and disappointment.

She is totally a drag.

Lately I’ve cut ties with my dear friend, “College Emily.” It was a tearful goodbye but it was the best for both of us. As much as I loved her beautiful hopes and dreams, I just couldn’t deal with the constant negativity, anxiety, and emotional baggage.

I’ve been keeping myself from missing her by staying as occupied as possible with work, school, and peer financial coaching at the Student Wellness Center. I think about her all the time but we’re just better off apart.




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