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What Do You Know About Me?

 Written by    November 19, 2013

There’s this thing going around on Facebook and I’m sure you’ve probably heard about it. It reminds me of those “truth is” days when you like someone’s status and they tell you what they “truly” think about you.

Well, now I see “LMS [like my status] for a number,” which means if you like a status, that person will assign you a number. After you receive this number, you are to tell that many truths about yourself.

I was wondering how much you, my lovely blog-readers, actually know about me, which I’m assuming isn’t very much (I don’t even think my profile has all the correct information on it). So, I’m going to tell you about me now.

All About Stephanie

Photo on 4-30-13 at 2.42 PM #3

1. Fall is my absolute favorite season EVER.

2. I am the biggest Ohio State fan you will ever meet. At least 90% of my belongings are scarlet, grey, or adorned with a block O.

102_1964 102_1159

3. I’m that one girl in the midst of a dozen guys yelling at the TV during a football game (Ohio State, of course. Go Bucks!)


4. I’m obsessed with sweaters and boot socks, especially ugly sweaters from the thrift shop (I have one on right now).

Photo on 11-19-13 at 10.11 AM

Today as I write this, I’m sporting a wonderful, hideous sweater adorned with a cow.

5. I hate being hot and sweating, unless I’m having a good workout. So I don’t really like summer.


6. My favorite color is purple. All my school stuff (laptop case, keyboard cover, notebooks, folders, pens) is awkwardly purple.

7. I’m super involved in my church, Xenos Christian Fellowship, and I live in a ministry house with 8 other girls. I love it!


This is my group on a retreat to Red River Gorge, Kentucky, in September.

8. I listen to all kinds of music (country, indie, jazz, rap, hip hop, folk, classical), but I am usually found jamming to The Weepies; The Beatles; Frank Sinatra; Peter, Paul & Mary; or Chip Tha Ripper. To second that, I have listened to the Beatles 1 album so many times that I can start singing the next track before it even starts.

9. I’m a camp counselor at my family’s church camp, Sharon Holiness Campmeeting, that I’ve been attending my whole life. I love my kids!


10. The best day of my life thus far was definitely the day I got baptized on the 26th of September this year. It was awesome to share my testimony and to be baptized by my three closest friends.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.07.22 AM DSC_0110

In the baptism pool getting baptized by my friends Janna, Derek, and Jami.

11. My favorite animal is definitely a cow. I would have a hard time choosing between something cow print and leopard print (I love both).


(L) My cow-print birthday cake (R) My leopard leggings!

12. I have a dog named Jersey (after a Jersey heifer, of course) and he is my favorite person ever (yes, person). Dogs are my weakness.

102_2085 2529991_f520

Do you see the resemblance? 🙂

13. I love Instagram and I make Instagram videos way too much. You can check them out on: http://instagram.com/stephanielikescows

14. I am a server at Cracker Barrel and I love it. If I could eat their food every day for the rest of my life (without being obscenely unhealthy), I most definitely would.


Really proud in this picture. I got my first star after taking a test over the summer!

15. I’m a Psychology major in the pre-law program, but I’m considering picking up a minor in professional writing or a second major in criminology (or both). I love school.

1238753_10152218879193135_256830336_n 1235030_10152186202548135_266344090_n

(L) Reading beside the noise of busy architecture students in Knowlton Hall (R) Studying in Thompson Library 

16. I’m a big Pinterest girl, and I love to craft and make things look cute.

17. I’m a photographer who particularly likes flowers and nature scenes. I post my photos on here often.

DSCN2966 DSCN2943

18. I love cheese. Like, I really love cheese. It’s just like me to say “extra cheese, please.” BUT I HATE NACHO CHEESE. I just HATE IT.

19. I sponsor a boy named Suren from Armenia through World Vision. It’s an amazing opportunity to connect with a child and support his or her family and community with only $35 a month: http://www.worldvision.org/sponsor-child

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 2.16.31 AM

This is Suren, my sponsored child.

20. Nashville is my favorite TV show and my girl, Maggie, and I have hang out on the weekends to watch that Wednesday’s episode. Nashville is one of those shows that I feel sad when it’s over.


Maggie and I make breakfast while listening to the Nashville soundtrack and then watch the show while eating breakfast!

21. I can sing. I have been in 12 honors choirs and sang in the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir for three years.

102_1424 271102_10150231830941994_7384881_n

(L) Singing at a May Cabaret talent show (R) Singing a song I wrote about Sharon Camp

22. I’m terrified of spiders. Like my heart pounds when I see one. I’m getting the creeps just thinking about it. I also dislike large bodies of water. They freak me out, even looking at them on Google Earth.

23. I love to cook and bake stuff. I never follow recipes or anything, I just know what I like and put it together. Definitely a crafty cook.

1379372_10152320244953135_128040286_n IMG_20131112_175119

(L) Some crisp I made with peaches, nectarines, and apples (R) Dinner a few nights ago!

24. My guilty pleasure is definitely Boston Stoker’s chai tea latte. They’re $4 which is absolutely ridiculous, but I love them. ♥

img_2810 1236374_10152214339193135_1366354049_n

25. I have a niece named Elizabeth Marie and I love her to pieces.


I hope this little piece gives you a bit of perspective about my life.

To sum it up, I’m just a simple, suburban, Ohio State-loving girl, and that’s okay. If I’ve learned anything in these few semesters at Ohio State, it’s that you should never stop being yourself.

Because at the end of the day – no matter your classes, degree, extracurricular activities, job, or title – it’s the little things like these that make you who you are, and push you to who you are supposed to be.


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