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    Ohio State Superlatives

    By Julia S. | November 26, 2013

    Sometimes college life is just notttt cool.  Like that time I thought this boy in my Spanish class was looking at me all semester but really he was just looking out the window.  Or the time last week when I put my check for the water bill in one of those mail slots and then realized I forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.

    But aside from such misfortunes, I have lots to love about Ohio State life.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a post like this before, so I want to tell you ALL OF MY FAVORITES at Ohio State.


    Dining Place:  Kennedy Commons.  This is not even negotiable.  I know people OFF campus who still talk about how much they love Kennedy Commons.  They have all day breakfast and tater tots and ICE CREAM AND COOKIES AND PASTA AND STEAK NIGHTS and it’s all buffet style.  I should really go there sometime again before I graduate.

    Kennedy Commons! Where all of your buffet dreams come true. http://robertrippe.com/our-work/ohio-state-university-the-kennedy-commons/


    Building:  This is slightly harder.  From the outside, I am completely enamored with Orton Hall (I regret never getting to have a class there) and Knowlton Hall.  But I also have to say that Hagerty Hall, home to foreign languages and literatures, is the building that houses my major and so I love it too.  I also pride myself on having figured out how to navigate that crazy place; it’s shaped all triangular-esque.  I can give you a tour sometime.


    My favorite part is the gargoyles on the tower. http://www.geology.ohio-state.edu/~ausich/Orton%20HallImages.html

    Knowlton Hall, home to architecture students http://knowlton.osu.edu/knowlton-hall

    Hagerty Hall tries to confuse you by looking normal on the outside, but once you’ve spent 10 minutes looking for your advisor’s office life gets real.


    Campus Tradition:  Mirror Lake Jump!  Without a doubt.  The event will certainly be different this year with the university placing regulations on it, so we’ll see how that goes.  It is dangerous and freezing and you’ll probably get pink eye, but talk about camaraderie.  Nothing makes me feel like more of a Buckeye.  Except for maybe singing Carmen Ohio, that is.


    Class:  Issues of the Underground Economy with Nicholas Snow!  Take. It.  Or really, any class taught by Lisa Cravens-Brown.  She is a lecturer in the psychology department and she is hilarious, thoughtful, and ever so smart.


    Place to Study:  The Buckeye Reading Room in Thompson Library.

    You can’t really tell in the photo, but the floor is full of WORDS. I’ve studied for way too many midterms here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkerspace/7633892586/


    Restaurant on High Street:  Is Insomnia Cookies a restaurant?  If not then BUCKEYE DONUTS BECAUSE THEY SERVE BREAKFAST TIL 10 PM!


    Other things I love:  The ‘beat’ t-shirts the Student Alumni Council sells, the amazing celebrities/athletes/geniuses of our time that OUAB brings in for lectures, studying abroad and making the best friends a Buckeye could have….



    Rude Awakening:  If you ever feel like being a nervous wreck for the greater part of the school year, just apply to graduate school.  It’ll do the trick, I promise you.


    Pleasant Surprise:  After going unused for 3 years, I am finally using my Twitter account!  Follow me @JuliaRoseS if your heart desires.


    Happy Beat M!ch!g@n week!


    In firm friendship,


    Julia Rose S.

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    One Response to “Ohio State Superlatives”

    1. Hayley Says:
      December 4th, 2013 at 11:09 am

      I still love your writing style so much! Great post.