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    A Buckeye Thanksgiving

    By Meera | December 1, 2013

    It’s been a good break for me. I finished a final exam the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (not so fun), but got to forget about school for at least two days before studying for more finals this coming week.

    Enough about school, though. During the break, I got to spend time with family, but more importantly, EAT with family. I’m lucky that my mom is an AMAZING cook because Thanksgiving becomes the most celebrated event in our house among us and our family friends. Each dish my mom makes is a favorite among someone.

    I personally love my mom’s mashed potatoes and I always get to be the one to help make it. Some of our family friends love my mom’s green bean salad or her homemade cranberry relish.


    But, the most important and most popular food item for Thanksgiving is APPLE PIE. And this isn’t your typical, Sara Lee, microwaveable, crust-out-of-a-box pie. This is pie with a crust made my hand with REAL ingredients.

    dough and pie

    (and with a bit of help from a KitchenAid mixer)

    Plus, it has apples peeled painstakingly (by me!) and fresh ground nutmeg.

    And to celebrate our insane Buckeye spirit even more, my sister put this on top of the pies:


    So, for Wednesday and Thursday, I was able to just enjoy some PIE, some family and friends, and not think of school, except for school spirit since our BUCKS WON!!!!

    What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?

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    One Response to “A Buckeye Thanksgiving”

    1. Fashionet Says:
      December 2nd, 2013 at 6:35 am

      Looks so tasty!!