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Finding a New Home

 Written by    December 14, 2013

When I found an apartment on South Campus last year with a friend, I was looking forward to moving away from the dorms and having a place to call home. Due to loud neighbors, long walks and a nearly absent roommate, however, I have come to realize that my living situation is far less than ideal.

More than anything, the thin walls of my apartment bother me more than anything else. I live in a two-story apartment complex, meaning that I am surrounded by all sides by people. Never have I been able to hear my neighbors more clearly. Every time someone in the apartment above me goes to walk across the room, the walls in my bedroom shake (literally) and it sounds like someone is pounding on the door.

I have been awakened countless times in the early morning from my neighbors getting ready. My earliest class is 8 AM, so I usually get up at 7 AM. Unfortunately, the people above me are usually up and moving nearly an hour earlier. It becomes almost impossible to fall back asleep with the window panes rattling.

I also grossly underestimated the distance from my apartment to my earliest class. As a business student, it was an unwise decision to live on south campus. In mild weather, I don’t mind the walk. When it is snowing and the ground is covered in at least an inch of ice, however, I resent the walk terribly.

Unusual circumstances have also led my roommate to choose to stay at home for the majority of the semester. This isn’t terribly inconvenient for me, but it is sometimes odd to live in an apartment meant for two.

With all these circumstances, I had half a mind to find a studio for next year. Luckily, however, a girl at my work was looking for a new roommate. After visiting her apartment, I can safely say that the walls are far thicker and the neighbors blessedly quiet. Though I held some doubts, I ultimately decided to agree to live together with her.

Here’s to hoping that next year works out better than right now. With the circumstances as they are currently, I welcome the change.

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