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Snow White, Witches, and Ted Mosby: Or What’s in My Netflix Queue this Winter Break

 Written by    December 21, 2013

During finals week, as I looked forward to winter break, one of the things I was excited for the most was curling up under a blanket on a cold winter’s night, just me and my computer watching all of the TV shows and movies I missed as the semester got tough. So as soon as my last term paper was turned in, the Netflix celebration began. Here’s what I’ve been watching over break this year:

1)Missrepresentation–  A few of my Facebook friends were talking about this documentary, so I figured I would give it a try.  While not every claim it makes is perfect, the message this film carried was really important.  Through examples and interviews, this documentary explains the ways that our representation of women in the media has disadvantaged both young girls and boys from the start.  I really enjoyed it, and it’s even on Netflix!


2) American Horror Story– I’ve really liked this show for a few seasons now, and I’m really enjoying the newest season, Coven.  I caught up on the latest episode a few days ago and now I’m really bummed that it doesn’t come back until January.  The women of this show are all fantastic actresses and while the plot is not as scary as in past seasons, it is incredibly intriguing and well written.  If you have always wanted to try this series but were a little turned off by the darkness and scary plot lines, this is the season to watch.



3) Once Upon a Time– This series is on Netflix, so I thought I would see if I liked it.  Turns out I definitely do.  This show follows characters in Storybrooke, a modern day town full of story book characters cursed by the evil queen so that they cannot remember their actual identities or find happy endings.  The curse can be broken by the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who has grown up as an orphan outside Storybrooke and is incredibly skeptical about the idea of a curse. I loved trying to figure out each character’s corresponding story book character!



4) How I Met Your Mother- Okay, I’m always caught up on this show, this isn’t a winter break thing.  But I just watched the newest episode and I couldn’t help talking about it because I thought it was so excellent.  The season has been dragging a little bit but the latest episode really moved the plot forward and brought all of the important characters together for the first time all season.  I’m going to be very sad when this show ends this March.

HIMYM is ending?!

HIMYM is ending?!


But of course I haven’t spent my entire break watching TV! One of the highlights was sticking around in Columbus for an extra week.  This being my first year off campus, I was excited to spend some time with college friends without the stress of college courses in the background.  We stayed up late to see the premiere of the new Hobbit movie, had a marathon Christmas shopping session, and my boyfriend and I went to see zoolights!


Winter break is a great time to kick back and relax.  It’s the first time since summer that there hasn’t been homework looming.  I hope everyone is enjoying their break as much as I am!

My Christmas tree back in Columbus!

My Christmas tree back in Columbus!




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