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Lucky we’re in Columbus

 Written by    December 25, 2013

Being a Nutrition major, I’m all about food. I study the chemistry behind it and I eat a lot of it outside class.

Living off-campus has also made me aware about food I purchase. I make grocery lists so I’m not bogged down by cooking in the middle of a stressful and hectic week.

I also don’t have a car, so it becomes an extra hassle.

I usually go to Kroger and it’s fine, but in Columbus, the prices are different than in my hometown. Some things are almost twice the cost than what I usually pay.

And, lately, I’ve found fresh produce way too expensive at Kroger. It’s hard to eat healthy when all the produce is low quality and expensive.

My problem has been solved, though, with the arrival of the new grocery store located at the intersection of Olentangy Rd. and High St.—Lucky’s Market.

One of four locations nationwide, Lucky’s is like a mix between Whole Foods and Kroger/Giant Eagle.

What’s the greatest thing about Lucky’s is that their produce can be cheaper than Kroger…by a lot.

They have weekly deals and post a flyer on their website.  I got a bundle of asparagus for $1.88/lb. this week when at Kroger, it costs around $3/lb.

Lucky’s, though, does have some drawbacks. Their bread selection is super limited and very expensive.

Trying to get regular items, like regular flour, can be more expensive because they will sell high-quality flour.

To me, white flour is all the same. I should be able to get it cheap.

Overall, I think Lucky’s is a great addition to Columbus because it’s near campus that has cheap, high-quality produce.

All you do is take the 2 Cota Bus on High St. to the Olentangy Rd. and High St. stop.

Check out their website for weekly sales here

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