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My Last Semester

 Written by    January 21, 2014

of school ever.

I have never not known school. Every summer of my life (you know, minus year 0 to 4) has been spent relishing in the absence of homework and long days of sitting in a desk. Though as August came, I was always (somehow) instantly excited for the idea of school (not homework and teachers, but the idea of going somewhere where my friends were, where I played sports, where I edited the school’s yearbook, etc.).

I would prepare in the beginning of August for this. I would get a planner, write all my meetings I know I had in it. I would schedule my restaurant job around my class, meetings, and sports and I would go school supply shopping. Who didn’t love school supply shopping?! I’m a senior in college and I still love school supply shopping. Come to find out, I have way more office supplies than I could ever need…I still have ones that I bought my freshman year.

Nonetheless, school has been involuntary. Like blinking. It just happens. I think, “Oh, it’s Monday. Time for school.”

This come August, this won’t be the case. I’ll have to force myself not to go to school … not to blink.

And while many think that this is freedom, the chance to express yourself, get your dream job, leave homework forever, I’m shaking in my bedroom with my teddy bear .. and my school supplies.

But I’m so conflicted cause I’m also excited! This is where life is supposed to begin. This is where I get to do what I love and be on my own and live life. And I couldn’t be more excited for that part!

But as I go through this last semester, I find I am missing all of these safety nets. I know it’s time to put down the books and pick up the resume… but it’s the limbo between these two stages that scares me. And I don’t think I’m alone.


Here’s to a short semester (the first one I’ve ever wished for).


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  1. Avatar Olivia Pinkston says:

    thank you for this ~ it must be hard the idea without school!

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