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    Why You Should (and Should Not) Join an Honors Society

    By Xu | March 1, 2014

    In my previous blog post, I wrote about “Things to Look For Before Joining an Honors Society.” This is a follow-up to that post. Let’s say that you have researched a society and decided that it’s legit. Now the question is: how can it help you academically and socially? Before you jump the gun and enthusiastically mail off your dues, read on for several pros and cons related to joining honors societies.



    Like all other organizations, make your involvement meaningful. Don’t join honors societies just because they are “honors.” Even if you join a bunch of societies, you won’t have anything to show for them in the end if you don’t make your enrollment worthwhile. Do some careful research beforehand, and make sure that a society is reputable, active, and beneficial to your specific academic and professional needs.

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