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Going out with a Bang

 Written by    April 1, 2014

As it is my last semester, I assumed workloads, responsibilities, and opportunities would slowly dissipate and fall away as I cried myself to sleep that I will no longer be a student on Ohio State’s campus come May.



Quite the opposite has happened. And not just because finals week is approaching, thus my workload is slowly increasing. I’ve had four or five opportunities, one HUGE one that I can’t wait to share with you, pop up out of no where in these last few months. And while other years I would have been excited and on board for these opportunities I want to take advantage of, now it saddens me.

It confirms that I don’t want to leave. It’s tugging at my heartstrings these last few months, saying “hey, this is what you’re going to miss out on once you’re gone.”

And it’s totally unfair.

In no way is this anyone’s fault. It just so happens that all of this arises as I’m about to graduate in a month. I only have three more weeks of class and then bam. Everything I’m used to is over. My days are filled by searching for film work and continuing my involvement at church. No more Monday through Friday commitments, just random commitments here and there.

Which brings me to the biggest opportunity I’ve come across yet.

A feature film is coming to Columbus at the end of April!

yay meme

It’s a low budget film but it’s a feature-length (what you would see in the movie theaters ) length film and an LA production company coming to this side of the country to shoot on OSU’s campus. I got incredibly lucky that I’d been helping out in the Media and Public Relations office for 2 years that I got to land a role in the production of this film while they’re shooting here!

It works out perfectly, because they begin shooting RIGHT once class is finished. It could not be more perfectly-timed, though I do have some other commitments (commencement ceremony included) that interfere, but I’m sure I will figure those issues out as I come to them.

As you inferred from the title, as a graduating senior, I’m going out with a bang. Being presented with so many opportunities is both a strain (due to conflicts) but also a gift. Who doesn’t want as many opportunities as possible? Ohio State does not believe in enough opportunities, which this last hurrah of them has shown me. At Ohio State, you’ll never be left out, unapproached, or without opportunity. The opportunities will practically be fighting for your commitment.


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