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Vice Presidential Pre-Speech

 Written by    April 9, 2014

Ski season wound down around a month ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!) and I haven’t really known what to do with myself.  I can’t say I’m disappointed that snow finally stopped falling because walking* to class is both more pleasant and less dangerous. Somehow this season managed to top the last one.  I’ve sat down and tried to type out a few different posts about the season but found myself dissatisfied with what I was writing because most of the time words couldn’t do justice to the things I saw and felt throughout this winter.  Tonight I’m determined to get something out though.

In the beginning of February, after having participated in 6 or so races, I was determined to scale back my involvement in ski team next year by not racing and not running for an officer position.  February 16 was the day my passion for this eccentric team was restored, and that was the first time I ever raced boarder cross. While Slalom and Giant Slalom snowboarding races didn’t really tickle my fancy throughout the season, my regional boarder cross race sparked in me a competitive fire I had never experienced before.  The moment I crossed the finish line I knew I had to keep racing, even if it meant only one or two boarder cross races per season.  It wasn’t much later before I decided to run for Vice President.

Our elections are Saturday and I found myself tonight wondering what exactly I believe my qualifications are to be one of the team’s leaders (besides of course having a lot of free time to get the job done).  Perhaps its narcissistic to sit here trying to think of all of my good qualities, and it’s probably even more narcissistic to run through them real quick in a blog post but I think that’s what I’m going to do, especially because speeches generally just end up being a lot of yelling about how much the candidate loves ski team, amongst other things I probably shouldn’t share with the general public.  But I don’t want to be elected by default and I don’t want  to be elected because I am the loudest (and thereby, best) at professing my love for team and hate for Michigan in a 10 second shriek.

The two things I would like to create as VP would be race practice and Fall conditioning.  Finding a way to practice racing would be crucial in the improvement of the team, and as it stands we have nowhere to do it.  We only have 3-5 weekend competitions before regionals and especially for first-time racers, it can be hard to get your bearings in between gates when you’ve only ran a race course at full speed 12 times.  As far as conditioning goes, I just think it’s something that as a sports team we should do.  I tried to get it started last semester but I was also taking 17 credit hours and working 17 hours a week so I was pretty burnt out and never got it off the ground.  As I briefly addressed in this blog a few months ago though, I have since quit my job and have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.

The qualities I possess as a leader are determination, enthusiasm, and patience.  And punctuality, like 95% of the time.  And I kind of have a way with words which I think might be helpful in doing the job.  In the past two years, ski team has meant so much to me and to my career as a college student.  It has made painfully cold winters fly by without complaint and it has made me friends I will cherish and laugh at until the day I die.  I would love to take more of a driver’s seat role in helping other students find this for themselves in our group.

After giving this a few hours thought, I think the most important thing I want to express is that I am running because of the experiences I want to help create for others.  If I’m not the best person to do that, I don’t want to win and I don’t want to be voted for. But I think I probably am.

I’ll close this out with a quick photo-documentation of all of the fun from the past few months:


The beginning of the season in lovely Big Sky. Scariest lift ride up ever.

Dad's Camera 1-12-14 143

Racing! Boston Mills, OH

Dad's Camera 1-12-14 Penguin Run

Post-race celebratory group penguin slide


Teaching my roommate the gnarly ways of the mountain.


My brother made it out to Mad River one weekend. We are both Texans at heart.


Jackie right before her senior run.


Kelly and I at awards after we both placed in boarder cross at Regionals. This is cheesy, but this was one of the most gratifying moments of my life. Marquette, MI


Took this one for my parents to see my medal.


The four ski team members who managed to make it out to nationals in Lake Placid, NY. Super cool experience, and Riley and Kelly both earned medals for Ohio State against students from all over the country.

OHIO montana

O-H-I-O-ing at the Big Sky summit! There was zero oxygen up there.


The whole gang at Boston Mills. What a fun winter we had!


*Or biking! Finally got a new one after my last one was savagely murdered by a drunk driver last semester


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    Very happy to see your pictures. After reading, I just want to say one thing… You are a Leader..!!! Your thoughts, you way of thinking is different and this is what everybody is looking for..!!! Superb…!!

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