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It’s That Time of Year…

 Written by    April 19, 2014

…when everybody’s scrambling to finish projects/papers and study for finals.
…when seniors are freaking out about how close graduation is.
…when students are finalizing their housing arrangements for next year!

Next year, I will be living in the Towers again. Some people are shocked when they hear I’ve chosen to live in the Towers for a second year.


For some people, the prospect of living in Lincoln or Morrill is unfathomably terrible. I have heard the Towers described as “dark caves” or as a “prison,” but I really like the Towers’ unique, no-right-angles-here! design. The suites allow you to meet a lot of people and give you a lot of room. And sure, West campus is kinda far from where everything happens, but you get used to it after a while and it’s really not that bad (just training you for living off-campus, am I right?).

If you know you are going to be living in Lincoln or Morrill next year (or if you find yourself staring at your housing assignment in complete horror come July) but have no idea what the Towers’ wacky setup actually looks like, you’re in luck!

One of my friends has begun a blog titled “Surviving Morrill Tower.” In it, she describes the layout of Morrill Tower, walks you through a Lincoln/Morrill suite so you can understand what the suites and rooms look like (so helpful!), and discusses roommate/suitemate situations. This blog, especially the pictures and descriptions of the suite/room, is exactly what I would have wanted to read before moving in. Go check it out!




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