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Finals Week: We Just Stole A Classroom

 Written by    April 22, 2014

Ahhhh finals week.  We all know this is the most productive time of year for me in terms of blogging.  In terms of studying, not so much.  Of course the two main libraries on campus (Thompson and the SEL*) have been reduced to zoos at 2pm on this lovely Reading Day.  Kendra and I have resorted to occupying an empty classroom, which thus far is going pretty well.  This may be the true solution to finals week library occupancy levels: find an empty classroom, ask no permission, and stay there.

Other than that, my life objectively** looks pretty great right now.  Last week I was elected Vice President of Ski Team, next week after finishing my finals I get to go camping for precisely 2.5 days with Ski Team, and then on Sunday May 4 I leave for my study abroad to Morocco for 4 weeks.  After that I get to be home for 2 weeks and then I head out to Bonnaroo***.  The next 2 months are going to be sweet.

My summer plans after that include 3 courses.  I’ll be finally finishing up my general ed. courses, starting a minor in Globalization, and a course for the Journalism major I am planning on obtaining. College is going so fast! But it’s kinda fun.

I don’t think I have discussed my equally terrific brother Beau and sister Emily at all on this blog, but suffice it to say that the competition for child with the coolest summer plans is a tight race.  My brother, along with two of my best friends from high school, is paddling a kayak down the entire Mississippi in an effort to raise awareness and money for Habitat for Humanity.  Okay, no, it’s not that tight of a race for coolest summer. My brother wins. I think what he is doing is amazing. If you would like to read more about it, read this, and if you would like to donate, click this.

I’ll be starting a new blog in which to catalog my adventures in Morocco over the next four weeks and I’ll be sure to post that link here, as well as add a few stories to this blog.  Good luck on finals everybody! Have a good summer, wherever you will be!

*Or 18th avenue library, if you prefer

**However, from a subjective standpoint, there’s a lot to think about.

***This is a music festival in my childhood homestate of Tennessee.

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  1. Julia S. says:

    Have fun in Morocco! I’m jealous!

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