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A Fractured but Heartfelt Rehashing of My Ohio State Experience

 Written by    May 19, 2014

Now that I’ve graduated (hurray!) I’ve been wanting to write at least one conclusive post about the Ohio State experience—or, at least, mine.  Truthfully, there is no simple or holistic way to condense what it means to be a Buckeye, nor the experiences you go through.  I have an inexplicable propensity for making lists, and so I listed the first 31 things that came to mind when I looked back on my 3 years as an undergraduate at The Ohio State University, in no particular order—the good, the bad, the strange, and the mundane:

  1. Not understanding why my upper level Spanish class was held in Dreese Lab, an engineering building
  2. Falling on my bed crying freshman year because I failed a precalculus quiz and thought I was doomed to fail the whole class (I didn’t)
  3. Conspiring with my friends to break into the McCracken Power Plant in order to explore its depths (it’s easily one of the most mysterious buildings on campus) but ultimately deciding not to since it is generally frowned upon to break into buildings
  4. Finally having the ice broken between me and my freshman roommates by reading Laffy Taffy jokes to each other
  5. Marathoning the Lord of the Rings movies with my entire floor sophomore year
  6. Singing Carmen Ohio for the first time at orientation and have it finally sink in that I was a buckeye
  7. Watching my first OSU vs. Michigan game in the Shoe and watching two guys get in a fist fight in the bleachers, and thinking how much street cred I was earning just by spectating
  8. The disappointment and frustration of not being accepted after interviews for campus positions
  9. The day I declared my psychology minor and how ecstatic I was to start taking classes that would apply to my future career
  10. Taking my Issues of the Underground Economy class and having my worldview completely shift
  11. Emailing my social psychology professor an exhaustive list of all the funny one-liners he had said during the semester, which I had kept track of
  12. The painful homesickness I experienced during my study abroad but the immense nostalgia I felt for the people I met and the places we went for every day since I’ve been back
  13. Having my music taste completely revolutionized by every guy in college who had an affinity for indie bands
  14. Jumping in Mirror Lake, all 3 years, and being irrationally proud of myself
  15. Finishing my degree and being rationally proud of myself and all I’ve accomplished academically
  16. The joys of getting to explain life in Texas to all of my Ohioan friends
  17. Having my heart broken
  18. Ordering Cane’s and Insomnia Cookies too many times to count
  19. The unbearable awkwardness of sitting in my Honors Russian Lit class when none of us knew how to interpret the stories we read, but then deeply appreciating everything I learned in that class for every term since
  20. The day I literally fell to my knees out of joy when I found out I’d gotten into my master’s program at Ohio State
  21. Many frivolous but endearing late night off-campus escapades with my friends
  22. Having so many deep, metaphysical, late night political/religious conversations I was convinced my brains were going to fall out
  23. Living in a lonely house on Woodruff Avenue the summer after sophomore year and being so thankful in regards how many people I ended up meeting on that street
  24. Being unnecessarily excited on the days when Kennedy Commons was serving tater tots
  25. The time my chemistry professor blared Europe’s The Final Countdown to commemorate the end of the quarter
  26. My economics professor telling our class “Supply and demand is sexy”
  27. My chemistry professor telling our class “Transition metals are sexy”
  28. Walking to my summer classes after sophomore year and being veritably obsessed with how beautiful the weather/campus was
  29. Working out at the RPAC as a constant through every emotional season of my college career, no matter what was going on at the time
  30. Getting to hear U.S. Olympians/some of my personal role models speak at the Ohio Union, for free
  31. Staring at the tassel I got from Convocation my first week of freshman year many times throughout my college experience, and pondering the day I’d graduate and what it would feel like


…It’s not particularly polished, or beautiful, or profound.  I will forever miss undergrad, but I’m also really excited to be starting graduate school here—which I know will be a fulfilling combination of the old and the new.  And I feel especially grateful that all of my freshman friends will still be around as it’s their (and still kind of my?!) senior year.


Rude Awakening:  This is the literally the first term I’ve had in three years in which I haven’t been taking classes.  AND WHAT THE HECK, I ACTUALLY REALLY MISS TAKING CLASSES.


Pleasant Surprise:  Summer = Summer READING.  I’m stoked to be making a dent once again in my forever-lengthening reading list.  I’ve already knocked out 1984 (had some fun dreams post that experience) and now I’m onto the Lord of the Rings Trilogy… and already placing bets with myself for how long it’ll take me to get through it.  TRYING TO STAY OPTIMISTIC.


In firm friendship,

Julia Rose S.

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