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That 9-5 Life

 Written by    June 4, 2014

I’ve been spending some time reading the First Things First Blog, which is currently being written by my friends, the Orientation Leaders, and while they’re orienting the newest Buckeyes to campus, I’ve been busy at my first internship!!

The word internship has always scared me. I have taken a total of 1 logistics class and am by no means an expert on the topic. So how could I possibly start doing real work in the field when I only have 7 weeks of class under my belt?!

Not to fear my friends. I have been pleasantly surprised at Exel Freight Connect. EFC is under the DHL umbrella, which makes it part of the 7th largest employer in the world. My first 2 weeks were spent in a classroom-like setting where I got a crash course in logistics, supply chain operations, carriers, customers, and a ton of other things I didn’t even know when the recruiter first called me with the job (Shout out to Fisher’s Career Fair for that one.)


I am now in my third week at the company, and I have started actually working alongside full-time employees! A lot of them graduated from Ohio State, and it’s awesome to get advice from them and hear about their careers post-graduation. I spend my days talking into a snazzy headset to people across the country trying to move freight, make our customers happy, and try to contract with new carriers (fancy name for trucking companies).

I have learned so much in just the short time I have been there, and I think my real-life experience will really help me when we start classes again in the fall.

On an unrelated note, I now have senior status and bought football tickets on Monday. I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time watching hype videos ever since. Go Bucks.


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