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This is Summer

 Written by    June 10, 2014

Updates, updates, and more updates! It’s SUMMER!

It has been far too long since my last post! I apologize, things were very hectic between the semester winding down, finalizing my RA position, and working my internship (Yes! My internship!).

Second semester was significantly more stressful than first semester, as balancing a 20+ hour/week internship on top of being a full-time student was ROUGH. Somehow, though, I made it through.

The whole story behind how I landed my awesome internship is decently long so I’m going to dedicate a separate blog post for that one – so stay tuned!

Anyway, after the conclusion of Spring semester it was determined that I needed to relocate my RA position for the upcoming 2014-15 school year. There were a variety of extenuating circumstances that factored into this and, ultimately, I would be a much more effective RA in an environment I was accustomed to – one that wasn’t Honors.

Therefore, just this past week, I was reassigned from Tay Tow to…(drumroll please)…

Morrison Tower!

Ah, Morrison. Yes.

I am extremely excited for this new opportunity of living on the opposite end of campus than I did last year. I’m going to have to restrain myself from indulging in all the South Campus delicacies like Kennedy Commons, which is just minutes from Morrison. Luckily, JO South is even closer so I’ll be able to work off all the extra calories in the gym!

I have actually never been inside Morrison so I am hoping to arrange a tour later this week to check it out!

This summer, I am living in Columbus to continue my internship (again, don’t worry, there’ll be a separate blog for that) and it is AWESOME! Living in such a dynamic environment without having to worry about schoolwork is fantastic. Campus is particularly beautiful this time of the year, and more peaceful without the 60,000 students.

Furthermore, the weather is great and allows for evening trips down High Street to the various restaurants and attractions that exist in the city! Just last week I had my first experience with Melt: Bar & Grilled, a newer restaurant originating from Cleveland. They are notorious for intense, overloaded variations of grilled cheese. After having dinner there, I understood the hype!

One of Melt’s many monstrous sandwiches

Aside from being busy with work and exploring the city, I’ve invested in an OSU summer Rec pass and have been frequenting JO North, as well as some nearby bike trails. There’s a really nice path which runs along the Olentangy, right beside campus, all the way downtown to well past the Wetland Research Park – it’s definitely a solid option for runners and bikers alike!

For my living arrangements over the summer, I subleased a house just north of campus. While going through the subleasing process this spring I have some important information for potential subleasers of the future: Realize that it’s a buyer’s market. There are literally thousands of people trying to rent their rooms to buyers during the summer months, and only a handful of actual students looking to sublease them. Plan ahead, look around, find a nice place, and make a bargain price.

As you may have been able to tell, summer on campus is an entirely different experience than during the academic year! I highly recommend it for those considering spending their future summer working in Columbus!


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