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    It Started with a Mission

    By Ryan L. | June 21, 2014

    All I wanted was some Honey Stingers…

    First off, I’d like to point out that I’m not (yet) endorsed by any particular company or brand – this is just me blogging.

    Now, Honey Stingers are a delicious, nutritious, energy snack for the outdoorsy types like me. I first encountered them while on a backpacking excursion at a place called Philmont in New Mexico. They were essentially the equivalent of gold on the trail. So good.

    Anyway, years later, I really got to wondering where or how I could get my hands on some Honey Stingers again… Lucky for me their website had a merchant locator! There were very few shops near my Cleveland home that carried them, but I hoped to have more luck living in Columbus.

    Eventually, I located a place called “Clintonville Outfitters” which happens to be just up the street from where I’m living this summer! I was ecstatic to say the least.

    After work that day, I managed to find the local outdoors store positioned right on High Street just a few blocks north of campus! As an avid outdoors enthusiast, I was in love.

    I walked in and was greeted by the owner himself, Matt, and warmly welcomed into the store. It was a very homey and authentic environment about the place. I perused the store and tried to refrain from purchasing every type of alluring outdoor adventure equipment.

    At long last, I came upon the Honey Stingers! I was delighted to find a pretty sizable selection of organic energy gels, bars, as well as gel shots. I loaded up on 2 of everything.

    Making my way to the register, I checked out and had some conversation with Matt about the store. Their current location is a new spot for them and they just moved in a year ago. Previously, they were in business 6 or 7 years across the street in a smaller space.

    All in all, I was quite pleased with my experience at Clintonville Outfitters and I was glad to have found such an awesome place close to campus. Furthermore, I couldn’t wait to finally indulge in my long-awaited Honey Stingers!

    I’ll definitely shop there again, and encourage anyone with an interest in the outdoors to check them out as well!


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