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Return of The King

 Written by    July 11, 2014

homeIn case you haven’t heard the big news, the best basketball player on the planet decided to make a return to his home state of Ohio! That’s right, LeBron James; the kid from Akron, Ohio who went from being a hometown hero to a despised villain in the eyes of many Cavaliers fans across northeast Ohio and beyond. Now after reaching his dream of being an NBA champion, LeBron has chosen to return to Cleveland in an effort to give the same feeling to Cavs fans.
After “The Decision” in 2010, many people (including myself) didn’t think we would see LeBron James back in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey any time soon, if ever again. His controversial way of leaving the Cavaliers to sign with the Miami Heat left many fans upset and caused the Cavs owner to post a VERY ANGRY letter on their web site. All seems to be forgiven between LeBron and the Cavaliers now as the 2-time champion seeks to bring a title to a city that hasn’t seen one in over half a century. The question now is, what does that mean for Ohio State?


LeBron James posing in front of Buckeye fans during the Wisconsin vs. Ohio State football game.

LeBron has often been supportive of Ohio State athletics on Twitter, cheering for the  football and basketball programs respectively. Recently, he was honored with his own locker by the men’s basketball team and was a special guest at the Wisconsin game this past year. Since the university has such a good relationship with LeBron, its possible that he may be a guest on campus more often.

This announcement not only rocks the NBA but also puts a spotlight on the state of Ohio. With LeBron in tow, the Cavaliers have already become a favorite in Las Vegas to win the NBA title next season.  All eyes will be on the city of Cleveland when this next NBA season tips off as well as when the popular, controversial, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel makes his debut with the Cleveland Browns. This is definitely an exciting time to be a Cleveland sports fan, something they haven’t known for a few years now. For today at least, there is not a happier town on the face of Earth than Cleveland, Ohio.




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