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    Buckeyes 1100: Getting Around

    By Brittany | August 15, 2014

    Welcome to the third survival guide post in the Buckeyes 1100 series! (check out parts 1 and 2: class-related tips and my essential packing list)

    Even though it rarely takes me more than 15 minutes to walk most places on campus, it’s handy to know how to use the bus system when it’s cold, dark, or—like me—you’re lazy.

    The best way to get around campus faster is the campus-area bus service, CABS. It’s free and stops at every stop (sadly rendering the “stop” buttons useless :( ). Of course, it doesn’t help to try to use the bus if it confuses the heck out of you. Here’s a beginners guide to the bus system:

    Download the bus map and timetables from http://ttm.osu.edu/system-map

    Download the bus map and timetables from http://ttm.osu.edu/system-map


    CLN (Campus Loop North) and CLS (Campus Loop South) are the two most useful bus routes. They both take you in a loop around campus—from the Union to St. John’s to the parking lots to the Med Center and everywhere in between. They run opposite directions, so knowing which one to take is not easy to remember.

    Accidentally taking the wrong route the long way around is probably the only way to teach yourself which one is which, but CLN runs clockwise around campus (from the Union to South Campus to West Campus to Knowlton Hall) and CLS runs counter-clockwise (you know, the opposite way).




    If you are late (or are just lazy like me and don’t want to climb the hill on 17th), Buckeye Village (BV) or North Express (NE) will take you right through Academic Core—you can pick it up between the stadium and the RPAC and ride it to University Hall, to the North residential area, or to Fisher. It’s quite convenient for getting to class.




    Thinking about walking from the Union to the library in the cold or the dark is often disheartening, but the northbound East Residential (ER) will take you from the Union down 19th, around Neil Avenue, and back down 17th, making the journey to either Thompson or the SEL (sorry, 18th Avenue Library) much easier.




    The best way to get bus schedule information is the OSU app (available for free for iOS and Android). If nothing else, get it for the useful “when’s the next bus coming to my stop?” feature.




    If you want to go off campus, there’s always COTA, the Columbus-area bus. It’s free with your BuckID and will take you all over the city. Planning your route with COTA’s planning tools makes taking the COTA easier. However, the best way get to the airport, around Columbus, and beyond Columbus is to make friends with some upperclassmen…especially upperclassmen with cars. :)


    All images taken from the OSU Mobile app.

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    4 Responses to “Buckeyes 1100: Getting Around”

    1. Admir Says:
      August 16th, 2014 at 2:32 am

      Holy cow, I did not notice how big the campus actually is until looking at the map you provided. I will definitely be investing in a bus pass.

    2. crorkz mikez Says:
      August 18th, 2014 at 5:52 pm

      2fwOoX Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

    3. Brittany Says:
      August 19th, 2014 at 11:45 am

      Admir: Campus looks much bigger on a map than it does when you’re actually there. Also, there’s no need to get a bus pass: CABS is free!

    4. w88.com Says:
      August 27th, 2014 at 4:41 pm

      I am for sure a new fan of this blog! I enjoy blogs and am happy to find a place where i can gush about all things!