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Adventures in Recruiting XI: The Post November 1 World

 Written by    November 12, 2014

Alright so we are past November 1!

The passing of the Early Action deadline presents a shift in the workload. So what’s the shift?

1. Recruitment
November 1st was the deadline for priority consideration for merit scholarships, Honors & Scholars, the Morrill Scholars Program, and direct enrollment into Engineering (but not the university).

Now our final deadline is February 1st, but the effectiveness of recruitment to get students to apply is much less. We still encourage students to apply, but my staff and I are much less likely to do programs outside of Columbus. From a resource perspective, travel at this point doesn’t make as much sense. Students are less likely to apply and those that do are less likely to attend.


*In fairness, stronger students tend to apply earlier and this chart is based on just when a student applied. However, numbers-wise, we did have nearly the same number of students apply after the deadline as before the deadline last year.

For example with the Autumn 2014 applicant pool looking at when a student applied and the percent in that cohort who ended up enrolling for Autumn 2014.

So if we’re not travelling as much and we’re not doing as much active recruitment activities, what is the Undergraduate Admissions recruitment staff doing…


2. Application Review!

We have a lot of applications to review! Approximately…


And these are just applications for Early Action!

Ohio State’s review process has applications being reviewed by at least two people with the possibility of further review! This makes for a busy staff.

And once we start reviewing applications that also means that we’re not too far away from admitting students.

And in admissions speak this is a period called…


3. Yield!

In the admissions world, “yield” is having an admitted student pay their acceptance fee to the institution (or doing whatever the procedure is at the school to have the student indicate they plan to enroll).

To use Ohio State as an example, last year 91% of the students who paid their acceptance fee to Ohio State ended up enrolling.

So we in Undergraduate Admissions are already hard at work planning our spring travel toย events we will hold for admitted students. We haven’t moved too much into this area yet, but we want to make sure we’re ready when our office does begin to send out admit decisions. We also prepare for when we send out deny decisions, but that’s much less fun and probably a topic for another day.


4. Relax!

Okay, so we don’t really relax, but we do just take a moment to reflect on our fall travel and events.

And we’re pretty damn proud! Or at least I am!

This is just a very brief insight into the post-November 1st Ohio Stateย Undergraduate Admissions world, but hopefully it gives you a greater understanding of what we’re doing!


Now What: http://www.reactiongifs.us/now-what-finding-nemo/
Relax, but not really!: http://media.giphy.com/media/Pnb0HHMZTnsVG/giphy.gif


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