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Four years, four addresses: or some advice on where to live while at Ohio State

 Written by    March 12, 2015

In the past four years of my college career, I have moved at the beginning of every school year. While I don’t suggest doing this (moving can be a real headache), I do think this puts me in a unique place to offer advice about where to live while you attend Ohio State. I have lived North, South, East, and West. I have lived in an apartment, a house, and two different types of dorm rooms.

So let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Ah freshman year. New friends, meal plans, and my first time sleeping in a bunk bed. Is your choice of dorm going to make or break your freshman experience? Absolutely not. But that said, I loved where I lived.

The majestic, Lincoln Tower

Lincoln and Morrill Towers are the only two dorms on the West side of campus, or as it is colloquially known: The Middle of Nowhere.

But actually when it comes to classes and campus facilities, Lincoln is pretty darn close. And there’s a Target five minutes to the West.

What Lincoln Tower was far from was High Street. If you want to visit someone off campus it’s kind of a pain. But that’s what buses are for, or new friends with cars.

The towers also allow for the most comfort in my opinion. We had a very large common space, my bedroom and desk were in separate spaces, and we never fought over showers or bathroom mirrors. I lived with lots of people which meant there was always something to do–a good thing for a freshman just getting to know Ohio State.

Plus in the spring, we had the best amount of green space- a huge field right in front of our dorm to lie out and watch the stars, or play kickball on the weekend.

But moving on. Sophomore year I decided to stay on campus and my roommate and I moved east.


Taylor Tower

Taylor Tower is a North Campus dorm. Right now North Campus is undergoing a lot of construction, so if you read this advice in the future I guess take it with a grain of salt.

Taylor was a great choice for someone like me who was on campus, but had a lot of friends who moved off campus. It’s located right at the corner of Lane and High, so it was as close as I could get to off campus without leaving the dorm life.

My roommate and I were lucky enough to get a super double (translation: two of us lived in the space typically reserved for four).

Taylor tower (and a lot of North Campus dorms) has rooms with three separate spaces:
1) A shared bedroom in the back
2) A study space/common space which is what your door opens onto.
3) A bathroom with a shower.

North Campus was a little quieter socially. But this was probably partially because my roommate and I were a little older and less invested in making lots of new friends. But I enjoyed my time there.

So here we go, switching gears to…



My first year off campus was stressful before it even began. My roommates and I spent months trying to find a place. I wish I would have had a little more guidance. We ended up a little far from campus and in a lease we weren’t really pleased with.

So lesson number one: Don’t settle for a place you aren’t 100% confident about, even if you are that desperate to get off campus.

Being out on my own did have its perks though. I felt like I really grew up with all of the new responsibilities. It’s also really cool to feel like you live in Columbus, and not just at school. Having people visit from out of town is easier and you finally have your own room.

I lived in the general Northern direction that first year. I like the Northern side of the off campus community. Once you move into the “Old North” on High Street there are so many fun little shops and restaurants to explore.

The one cool thing about our house being far away from campus was seeing what I call “real people,” a.k.a individuals who do not attend Ohio State. Makes you feel a little more like you live in the “real world.”

Another tip: I lived on Summit Street this year which is one of the busiest traffic thoroughfares in the area; so I bought some black out curtains for my bedroom windows. Best choice.


And now. My final year at Ohio State. And maybe in Columbus (pardon me while I begin to cry please).

This year I’m back down to one roommate and we found an apartment South of campus. And much closer to High Street.

I absolutely love being so close to class in the morning. Also I can actually walk to meet friends for food, grab a coffee down the street, or even walk to see a movie at Gateway.

I thought I would miss being in a large house, but two people in an apartment is quite nice. Plus the rent is really low and there are fewer spaces to clean.

The only things I wish I had was a porch for sitting in the nice weather and a slightly bigger kitchen.

Finally I think I got one right..


If you’re figuring out where to move, Ohio State offers some good resources.

This site offers everything you need to know about living on campus. If you’re an incoming freshman I would suggest checking out the layout of each dorm to see what fits your needs best.

This site lets you know all kinds of tips and tricks for off-campus living and has an awesome search feature I have used to find what’s available off campus.  Also talk to all of your friends off campus. Do they like their landlord? What’s the average rent where they live? What do they wish they had known? Get informed before you sign a lease!


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