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Top ten reasons to choose Ohio State, Part 1

 Written by    March 17, 2015

Why Ohio State?


Hello high school juniors and seniors, I’m speaking specifically to you today. This is assuming that people other than my dad read this blog, but here’s to hoping that other people do!

I am calling you out specifically for one reason: deciding on where to go to college. I know this is a tough time in your life: ACT and SAT, asking girls and boys to prom, Spring Fever (see my earlier post), extracurriculars, maintaining a social life, all while keep your GPA in good standing. Without a doubt, you’ve been trying to juggle all these conflicts with the ever-looming prospect of deciding on where to spend the next 3-6 years of your life.

You have probably toured, visited, researched, and applied to a wide variety of universities across the nation. I am sure that these are all great options to attend, but I want to speak to you today on behalf of The Ohio State University as to why you should attend this one-of-a-kind school. Here is the top half of my top ten reasons to choose Ohio State:

10. Our Athletic Opportunities
I know that you’ve heard all about Ohio State’s athletics. In fact, that was the only thing I knew about Ohio State before applying for colleges, and it gave me a negative stigma for the university. However, our athletics are nothing to be ashamed of. Our varsity teams have won a total of 26 NCAA titles as well as 42 national titles outside of NCAA sponsorship (including the most recent football playoff championship). Little known fact, OSU’s most successful team historically has been…Synchronized Swimming! Our women’s team has won a total of 28 titles! Wow.

Additionally, our intramural sports are just as fun and competitive. We have a plethora of different teams, ranging from soccer to football to volleyball to basketball. We even have a club for Quidditch players. That’s right, we’re magical here at Ohio State.


9. Our Service Opportunities
Personally, I believe that helping others is one of the most rewarding and fundamentally important aspects of being human. At Ohio State, we are committed to helping others. Just look at our Buckeyethon event from this past year, where we raised more than $1,000,000 to help children suffering from cancer. We have more than 100 service-based organizations on campus, including MUNDO, one of our BIG 6 Organizations for Involved Living.


8. Our Diversity
Ohio State has students from all over Ohio. The roommate across the hall from me went to school in Cincinnati, my friend down the hall is from Cleveland, my RA is from just outside Dayton, my HD went to school in Columbus and Oxford.

Ohio State has students from all over America. My roommate is from Wisconsin, my hallmate is from New York, my buddy from OTL is from both Maryland and Texas, an Arts Scholar above me is from Oregon; I even know people from…Michigan. YES! We allow people from all walks of life, even Michigan.

Ohio State has people from all across the world. I have a friend from Brazil and I know someone from Ireland. Baker Residents come from Africa, Asia and Europe.

In short, there is no simple demographic that OSU accepts. The only demographic is that we are all Buckeyes.


7. Our professors, faculty, and staff
Coming from high school, where your teachers know you by name, activities, favorite cereal, and academic strengths, it might be difficult for some students to transition to the third largest university in the nation.

However, the employees of The Ohio State University make you feel like more than just a number. I am more than my student ID number to my professors; I am Ben Steingass. Sure you might get a handful of poor teachers here and there, but 99.9% of Ohio State faculty and staff make you feel like an individual. Our teachers are thoughtful and passionate about what they teach, our advisors are committed to making sure that you have the greatest academic experience possible.


6. Our Campus
The Ohio State University’s campus in Columbus is beautiful. Plain as that. Take a look:







Additionally, we have a dozen and a half on campus restaurants to enjoy; four athletic complexes to frequent; and, most importantly, Baker Hall West.


Please check in on my next post for the latter half of my top ten reasons to choose Ohio State. In the mean time, GO BUCKS!


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