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Top ten reasons to choose Ohio State, Part 2

 Written by    March 19, 2015

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Why Ohio State?

u hall
Welcome back, faithful readers (AKA, my dad and that nice drifter who lives down the block).

In case you are unaware, I am currently underway with my Top 10 Reasons to Choose OSU for all the high school juniors and seniors out there. Last post, I discussed reasons 10-6 for attending the greatest university in the world (#undisputed).

Today, I am continuing my list with the culmination of my list of reasons to attend The Ohio State University. Okay, let’s go!

5. Our City

Columbus is perhaps the most young-adult-centered city in the nation.

It has been named the smartest city in America, one of the most prospering cities of America, and one of the top 15 largest cities in the United States.

Columbus is home to both major and minor league athletic teams for all seasons, ranging from the Columbus Crew to the Blue Jackets to the Clippers. Columbus’ German Village hosts some of the greatest ethnic and quaint restaurants and shoppes without having to travel to Europe (for more information, see my post on German Village). The Short North is a cultural potluck of locales; restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, toy stores, art galleries, and much more; all of which are open the first Saturday of every month for a interactive Gallery Hop.

short north

Our zoo is top notch; our Center of Science and Industry (COSI) is both stimulating and scholastic; our theatres host hundreds of great musicals, musicians, and comedians; our art museum contains hundreds of masterpieces; and that just scratches the surface. Ohio State and Columbus are intertwined, and this relationship cannot truly be defined until it is experience by being a Buckeye.


4. Our Student Organizations


Worried that leaving high school with specific clubs and organizations that fit your interests?

Well, fear no more. Ohio State may have THE most student organizations on campus, with over 1,100 recognized organizations on campus. Interested in ballroom dancing? We’ve got a club for that. Interested in ukulele? We’ve got a club for that. Interested in student government? We’ve got a club for that. Interested in Greek life? We’ve got those. Interested in Renaissance reenactments? We’ve got a club for that. Interested in carrying around a giant wooden tortoise? We’ve got a club for that!

Any type of club you can think of, Ohio State has a 99.9% chance of already having it. If we don’t, you can create it, because the odds are high that there are at least 20 other students who want the same thing! The best way to discover all these fantastic organizations is attending the Involvement Fair the first week of school on the Oval, where hundreds of student orgs line the maze of sidewalk paths crisscrossing the greenery. Travel around from station to station getting free merch, food, and education about how to find the right clubs for you!


3. Our residence halls, Scholars programs, and learning communities


Coming to Ohio State, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to discover a close group of friends like the ones I had back in Toledo.


Haha, I was so wrong. On move-in day, all my fears were vanished once I stepped foot inside of my residence hall. I was greeted with some fantastic people, from RAs to OWLS to residents to OAs to HDs to Dr. J and President Drake! Yes, you get to see the president. He doesn’t travel around in a secure Popemobile. My residence hall was the first indicator that finding a close-knit community of people would not be a difficult task. Additionally, my involvement in OSU’s Arts Scholars allowed me to meet likeminded individuals who are passionate about visual, verbal, fine, and performing arts. To this day, I thank Baker West and the Arts Scholars for being the starting point and foundation for the majority of my college experiences.

Resident life on campus makes sure that students feel accepted, safe, and comfortable. No matter what hall you may live in, you are sure to find the same sense of community.


2. Our academics


Let’s get real; the reason you are coming to college is to obtain an education.

In years past, Ohio State had the reputation of accepting anybody who had a pulse, a check, and an Ohio residency. However, the past is the past; hairstyles changes, fashion changes, countries changes, Michael Jackson changed, everything changes.

Most importantly, Ohio State’s academic reputation changed. We are now considered on of the top 20 public universities in the nation, home to top notch colleges for medicine, business, arts and sciences, architecture, and much more. Ohio State offers more than 200 majors to pick from, including the opportunity to create your own major tract. Degrees ranging from Biology to Theatre to Japanese to Design to even a golf course management. Essentially, Ohio State is the place for opportunity; if you are unsure about what to spend the rest of your academic career studying, Ohio State has everything you could possibly want to explore your options.

Additionally, Ohio State is full of other committed students who are dedicated to their studies. It is not just a place for athletes; it is a place for everyone. Athletes who are Biology majors and Theatre minors; nerds (like me) who are English majors and Business minors; hipsters who are Film Studies and Ceramics majors; the list goes on. Ohio State is the place for you to finally discover and study what you truly enjoy.


1. Our home


Ohio State is my home. Deciding to attend The Ohio State University was the greatest decision I have ever made.

“Oh Ben, you’re just exaggerating to make a point.” No, I’m not.

If I was given a full ride scholarship to Harvard of Yale or any other prestigious university in the nation, I would immediately say “no”. I get chills every time I sing Carmen Ohio, standing arm in arm with my fellow classmates. I’ve made my best friends at Ohio State. I receive a quality education at Ohio State. I feel welcomed and accepted at Ohio State. I am a part of something bigger than me at Ohio State. I am more than a number at Ohio State. I flourish at Ohio State. You flourish at Ohio State. Deciding to become a Buckeye has definitely changed me for much more than the better. Rather, Ohio State has made me “me.”

I wish all you high school students the best of luck in deciding where to spend your collegiate experience. No matter where it may be, make sure it’s the place that you can call home. And for my sake, please consider The Ohio State University. I did, and I never once looked back.

Go Bucks!




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