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How firm thy friendship: or some of my favorite memories at Ohio State

 Written by    May 5, 2015

Most of my posts lately have at least mentioned the fact that I’m graduating soon. So it’s really no secret that I’m kind of sad about it. Or at least reflective.

After I officially finished finals yesterday, I thought it would be fun to write a post with some of my favorite memories from my time at Ohio State. It was hard to even find photos of all the great memories I have, because there’s really too many good things to remember them all.

Hopefully if you’re a new student you can find some activities on this list to try out during your time at Ohio State. And if you’re graduating like me, maybe we can find a time to cry together or something.

So here we go: My favorite Ohio State memories (In chronological order, I think)

post 1

Doing the cheesy typical freshman stuff. Like in this picture where my friends and I were going to eat at the Blackwell with all our remaining swipes. Or sitting around playing euchre until 4 am on a week night.

post 2

Speaking of cheesy freshman stuff: Here you see Freshman Karen on what must have been a boring winter evening stuck in Lincoln Tower. My friends and I discovered we all shared an affinity for penguins, so we accumulated all of our penguins.

post 3

Joining Off the Lake Productions (OTL) and being welcomed by such a warm and energetic group of people. Here you can see the lovely crew in the basement of Baker West, trying to show that we all wore some shade of green.

post 4

Getting to know these three great human beings. I’m the only one left at Ohio State now, but I cherish the days where we did everything together.

post 5

Meeting and dating my wonderful boyfriend, Jake. We met living next to each other in Lincoln Tower and we were both too shy most of the year to say anything. Now we don’t shut up when we’re together.

post 6

Adventures with Jake were always the best. He was my partner in crime when it came to exploring off-campus activities. Here he is picking apples. I’m not sure he’s doing it right.

post 7

OTL new member retreats. Here we were playing a game called one-minute musicals. We rewrote Jurassic Park I think. I’m a dinosaur over there on the left. These retreats were always so exciting because everyone was excited to meet our new members and create a musical together!

post 8

The summer after my sophomore year I interned at a living history museum, Hale Farm and Village at the Western Reserve Historical Society. This was such a fun way to spend my summer!

post 9

Some of the best times were spent hanging out in my friends’ old apartment. This evening we were trying to bake our other friend a birthday cake. None of us are particularly skilled at math so we wrote out these ridiculous fractions to adapt the recipe.  ½=6/12. What were we thinking?

post 10

Another thing I loved was having my parents visit. Freshman year, my mom and dad came to town and we saw the statehouse. Fun fact, in this picture my dad and I are actually both terrified of heights so we look super uncomfortable. Notice my dad holding on.

post 11

My parents at Schmidts. This one speaks for itself.

post 12

I also loved going home to see some old friends, and then having them come visit me here at Ohio State. This is me and my friend Kristin over winter break freshman year. We were so excited because it was the first time we got to see each other so much since we went away to college.

post 13

Most of my memories and pictures come from OTL events. In the fall of my junior year, my friends and I wrote and performed a small skit for our 90s themed cabaret, spoofing an early Olsen Twins movie. Here we are singing a song about pizza as we struggle on stage to open a box holding said pizza.  We laughed at ourselves a lot that weekend.

post 14

Spring break junior year, some friends and I ended up in Chicago for the week. Even though it was still snowing, this was a great adventure!

post 15

One of the most rewarding things I did at Ohio State was spending time as a stage manager for OTL. Here is the lovely crew I had the privilege of working with during my last ever crew build!

post 16

One of the best parts of OTL? The shows. Here my friend and I passed out on stage between Saturday shows.

post 17

Another between show tradition? Laying on the oval in the spring sun!

post 18

Last summer I took advantage of Maymester study abroad and ended up in London and Liverpool for a few weeks. These were seriously some of the best days of my life by far. Check out a study abroad trip, please.

post 19

Some of my favorite memories this year come from getting to hang out more with some of my friends who have graduated. Here we are being silly on Halloween. There was a package of fake mustaches involved.

post 20

Speaking of those friends… recently we went camping in a cabin on one of the most beautifully snowy weekends of the year. This was one of my favorite pictures. Here my friend Carolyn and I (yes, we are wearing the same coat) are trying so hard to sit on this bench but definitely sliding off. We’ve known each other my entire time here at Ohio State and I couldn’t be happier about it!


post 21

To wrap it all up… every year from kindergarten until senior year my parents always took a picture of my brother and I on the first day of school in the same arm chair in our living room. So, I took up the tradition my freshman year and sent my mother this selfie on my dorm bed. I think maybe selfies were still new at this point because I look a little confused.

post 22

And here I am, on what was essentially my last day of school, the day of my thesis defense. It’s been a long four years, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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