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Defeat the Heat

 Written by    September 4, 2015

I reside in Bradley Hall. It is quite a nice little residence hall, if a bit antiquated. It contains windows, relatively quiet people, and an underground passage to Kennedy Commons. It pretty much has everything I could ever want during my time at college…except air conditioning.

Saying goodbye to my parents a little after move-in day was reasonably hard. I walked back up to my room with some tears in my eyes. Soon, the tears began to sprout from my forehead and armpits. Before I knew it, I was saturated in bodily tears. I fast realized this was to be the first of many intense, emotionally charged c̶r̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ sweating sessions.

Mostly crying.

In the nights, I am oft awoken by the cyclical changes between the hot and cold air. I go to bed feeling somewhat cool, decide to turn my bedside fan off, then go to sleep. I will wake up in a few short hours feeling that my body was personally targeted in a hate crime by the Fire Nation, as I gasp for air, flail my arms for the fan switch, and pray, all the while, for the sweet release of death. Eventually, the nights do get quite cool, and sleep seeps in…for a little while, at least. In the mornings, I head down to Kennedy Commons for breakfast. The entrance is air conditioned, and sometimes, I will stop for a second and just stand there, feeling the answers to life’s difficult questions entering my being.


Then it is time to step outside and start walking to and from classes. And man, is that one tall order. The backpack I don turns the space between it and my back into a little incubator. Consequently, I feel the back of my shirt fuse to my flesh as the drops of sweat meld it and I into one. When I get back to my room, I must peel it off.

I feel that I molt every time I remove my shirts.

I feel cold.




It ain’t pretty, let me tell you that.

So in such trying times, how do I stay cool, you may ask?

Well, for starters, I discovered the Mirror Lake Creamery. The people in my floor had the option of getting together on the 1st  of September and heading down there as one big group. The mere thought of having to socialize with and walk amongst the people on my floor was nearly enough to give me ulcers. But I decided to get my act together because I was promised ice cream. And I am glad I stayed. The Creamery has fantastic milkshakes, ice creams, and other little bites to scarf down your gullet. I will definitely be heading down there more often to keep my body temperature at a level where human life may be sustained.


I have also discovered that exercise is a wonderful way to blast stress and cool off. That is if you still having feeling in your legs after a day of running marathons around campus. The campus sports numerous fitness centers, with the RPAC being the largest. As for the RPAC, its sports quite a few swimming pools, so cool down there.

Bask like an alligator on the diving boards.

Thrash on the pool deck like a seal.

I don’t care.

I am bigger on the weights than I am on swimming, anyway.


In a few brief months, we will yearn for the days when the sun shined and boiling water did not instantly freeze when exposed to the air. I personally find myself praying for neither the sun nor the snow. Both are decent in small doses, but when they come and squat in your locale for months on end, you start to lose your nerves. But there is a phenomenon that rolls in for a brief time, cleanses everything it touches, and beats the heat completely – rain. It rained a bit on the 2nd, so I went out of my room and stood at the entrance of Bradley Hall for a few minutes. It was truly refreshing.



He’s just happy he got a 10 minute break after a 10 day shift, the lazy little scamp.

It also rained on the 3rd and flooded numerous streets…

Regardless, I will be praying for more rain…right after my roommate finishes cutting my sweat-infused shirt off my back with an exacto-knife.


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