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Ohio State’s NABA takes Chicago

 Written by    October 8, 2015

Recently, the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) – The Ohio State chapter, had the opportunity to attend a three-day conference in Itasca, Illinois. It was a fun-filled event and a breath of fresh air from the rigors of midterms week. It was also an opportunity to take in the sites and landmarks of “The Windy City.”


(us literally walking through the streets of Downtown Chicago)

NABA is a student organization at Ohio State within Fisher’s College of Business that is geared towards giving minority students’ direct access to companies ranging from mid-size businesses to multi-billion size corporations. They cater to all business major students that are diverse. Those who have passed through this organization usually say that NABA was what got their foot in the door and eventually helped them to get their post-graduation job.

As a testament to this, nearly 90% of the students that currently attend, have internship and full-time job offers with the other 10% being freshman/sophomores who already have direct interactions with these companies and are putting their best foot forward.

Anyways, back to Chicago!


The conference was like a career fair for minority students from universities all over America bringing them in contact with companies and allowing them to network with fellow conference goers. It wasn’t all work and no play as social events were also held allowing people to bond and generally have a good time.


Ohio State’s group went into the city and explored for the better part of our trip. We went to the Chicago bean, the world-famous hotdog place: Portillo’s, briefly stopped by Giordano’s, and lastly, being the Buckeyes that we are, we stopped by a sports bar to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes win again Indiana (OH-IO!) before heading to the airport on our last day.


All in all, we had so much fun, made fantastic memories as we got to bond with fellow Ohio State students, as well as university students from all walks of life. Some of our buckeyes coming back with multiple job offers didn’t hurt either!


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