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Here’s to a Heathy Half Semester

 Written by    October 22, 2015

Usually it’s great how generous Ohio State students can be, but there is one time when it’s not so great: the dreaded cold and flu season. And it is upon us, fellow Buckeyes. At this point, we’ve made it through half of the semester, but we still have about two months to go, and soon the weather and the stress will be competing to see who can take us down first.

If you’re like me, the weight of classes, midterms, group projects, and papers has already started to take its toll.

baby Simba sneezing

Sadly, it’s not nearly as cute when we do it.

That’s right, the buses are full of sneezing, coughing college kids, and I can’t really blame anyone, because it’s not like we can afford to miss a week of class. I myself got sick over fall break and am now just trying to keep my distance from people on the CLN to avoid spreading germs.

Perhaps this comes from being the daughter of a nurse, or perhaps it comes from really not enjoying being sick or missing school, but I’ve realized that the following habits aren’t too hard, and really go a long way toward keeping you healthy. Here are things we can all do for ourselves and for each other during this sniffling season:

  1. Wash your hands! All the time. Before you eat, after you shake someone’s hand, when you’re finished using the computers at the 18th Avenue Library. Your knuckles may get dry and chapped from all that washing, so you may want to have some lotion handy.
  2. Sleep. A lot. This is a fun one, and it really can help you stay strong in the face of that slightly green, loudly hacking person who just walked by.
  3. Eat well…this is good year-round. I am not so great at sticking with this one, but I do try to eat more vegetables and drink orange juice when I feel under the weather, and I believe it helps.
  4. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, not the people walking next to you on the sidewalk. 🙂
  5. Know when to stay home. This is the hardest of all for me, but it’s very important; sometimes you just need to stay put and rest.

There are also flu shots available on campus if you’re interested.

It’s not a complicated list, and it’s all pretty much common sense. And though it’s certainly not foolproof–even with all of these habits, you can still get sick–I think it’s a very good start toward keeping us healthy. Good day and good health, Buckeyes!

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