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Harry Potter and the Legend of Studying Abroad

 Written by    November 19, 2015

Studying abroad often seems like a myth to most people, like something that you hear about regularly but never actually seems achievable. Everyone wants to travel the world or experience something that they haven’t before but resources may be limited or you may not even know where to start. You have a goal but no way of knowing how to achieve it. This is where I come in.


Most of us know what study abroad trips are but to the select few who have no clue, studying abroad is when a student is given the opportunity to “study” in another country, most commonly through their college. More often than not, schools won’t cover the entire trip but can give you a subsidized rate that you wouldn’t ordinarily get if you were going on your own. These study abroad trips can last anywhere from a week (spring break) to a semester-long program.


These trips can be groundbreaking as it allows you to experience first-hand what you learn in the classroom in an outside-of-classroom-setting, as well as build relationships with your fellow participants plus the different people you meet in these diverse countries.


Thankfully, OSU has numerous resources that can take you to almost anywhere. They have a whole department dedicated to studying abroad (OIA – Office of International Affairs) who have everything from tips on preparing an application essay, choosing the right program (their search engine is the most helpful thing you will ever use), to even tools that can help with funding your study abroad like scholarship platforms.


So, fear not, whether you’re a sophomore and smart like Hermione, or you’re confused about where to get started like Harry on his first day at Hogwarts, there are so many things available to you if only you seek them out (OIA literally has a section called “getting started” on their website) as well as many people that are more than willing to help you along the way.


Here’s hoping you’re able to see, studying abroad isn’t a myth after all.


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