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The Buckeye Spirit

 Written by    November 25, 2015


So, as many of you know (or should know) this past Saturday was Ohio State’s last home game and was against Michigan State. Now, I am not writing this to comment on the quality of the game, but rather to comment on the experience of being there.

Many others wrote posts similar to this earlier in the year when the first games were going on, but I was inspired to write this now because there is no greater sense of camaraderie and school spirit than staying the entire game in light of the risk of pneumonia.

For those who didn’t go, let me enlighten you. From even before the game started, it had began to rain. At first it was just a little sprinkling and then it became a steady downpour up until roughly the third quarter. Then, the icy cold gusts of wind picked up and the temperature dropped. Not only were we getting battered with these arctic gusts but that wind was also blow-drying, if you will, all that rain and soaked clothing. It was horrible, to say the least. And yet, my friends and I refused to leave until the very end, staying even to sing Carmen.

As miserably cold as I was, I have never felt so much a Buckeye than cheering through that game. Standing (shivering) there all four quarters with my friends, I was suddenly aware of the determination, passion, and triumph of the Buckeye spirit. It is this spectacular force of unity between all us 65,000 Ohio State students, drawing us together even in miserable weather and football losses.


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