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Stephanie’s Interview Series: President of a student organization

 Written by    December 3, 2015

Next up in the interview series is senior Emmi Banner from Cincinnati, Ohio! Emmi is a Marketing and German major and will be working full time with P&G after graduation. She serves as the President of AKPsi (Alpha Kappa Psi), a co-ed business fraternity in the Fisher College of Business.



1. How did you first become involved with AKPsi?
I rushed AKPsi my freshman year first semester. I knew that whatever school I went to that I would pursue AKPsi because my dad was a member during his time in college.  I’ve been a member for nearly four years now and have had the opportunity to serve in positions across the organization, make strong connections with my brothers, and create a foundation that would prepare me for my current position as president.


2. What is the voting process like for the executive board?
For a brother to run for executive board they must first be nominated during our weekly chapter meeting.  The candidate must build a platform and present it to chapter in a 2-minute speech followed by questions from membership.  Then there is a closed vote, and the winner is announced.


3. What are your duties as president?
As president, it is my job to guide the fraternity to its vision of preserving tradition yet constantly innovating and improving. I run our weekly e-board meetings and chapter meetings and oversee all of the executive board.  I communicate regularly with our national organization to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding chapter goals.  I see the role of president as being both the face of the organization and also being entirely aware of what goes on behind the scenes.


4. What has been your favorite part of being president?
My favorite part of being president is twofold.  First, I love it because it has led to many friendships and relationships that I would have not experienced without interactions with positions across the organization.  Secondly, I enjoy the access I have to all committees, events, and individuals.  I can choose where to put my involvement based on interest and need.


5. What advice do you have for future Buckeyes who may want to lead an organization in the future?
Get as much experience as you can in different positions across the organization so you fully understand the organization you plan to lead.  Develop true and meaningful relationships with individuals across the organization – become invested in them. Ask others for feedback and learn from experiences both the negative and positive.




And that’s a wrap on the Interview Series–thanks for reading!

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