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How to succeed in Christmas without really trying

 Written by    December 7, 2015

What’s that, there are finals next week? I should be studying…

No, I shan't! It's Christmas

This is the official record as to how I have been prepping for the holiday season (aside from studying, of course).

1. Hot Chocolate

Not even joking, I have five different kinds of hot chocolate on my shelf right now. It may not be snowing yet, but I am prepared for the cold, armed with enough cocoa to warm the north pole.

2. Finals ‘De-Stress’ events

My residence hall’s activity board has been hard at work giving resident’s something to do when they’re not working. This past week I attended a ‘de-stress’ event where we all watched Jurassic World, ate Insomnia cookies, and colored pictures of dinosaurs. Five Stars, this was one of their best events yet. Picture below is my own creation from the event.


3. Building a Gingerbread Hou… yeah that’s definitely not a house.


So we had a building-wide gingerbread house competition. Each group received a box that was supposed to build four different houses, which I’m sure we would have known, had my group read the directions.

4. Spending 4 to 6 hours cutting holes in paper

You guessed it, PAPER SNOWFLAKES!

If it won’t snow for real, I’ll make my own snow!


So that’s it for me, let me know in the comments what your plans are for the season!

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