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Why Ohio State?

 Written by    December 14, 2015

The only question that I seem to answer on every tour I give to future students is “Why did you choose Ohio State? What made this school feel like home?” And this is what I tell them.

Coming from Chicago, I didn’t know anyone who was coming to Ohio State in my class or from any of my local high schools. I didn’t even know anybody who had gone there in the recent past, and besides a great-aunt and uncle, I didn’t know anybody in Columbus. It was a huge leap of faith to leave my family and go to school six hours away.

Both my parents did go to Ohio State, but for that reason I was very anti-Buckeye for 18 years of my life. I was done singing Carmen Ohio, I was sick of wearing exclusively Scarlet and Grey. I was ready to pave my own path.


Go Bucks circa 1994

That said, I did go on tours of campus my junior and senior years of high school, and I could really see myself going here. I fell in love with the RPAC and Thompson Library specifically, two of my most-frequented spots on campus today.

We can all appreciate the awkwardness of 18 year old Stephanie on tour at Ohio State

We can all appreciate the awkwardness of 18  year old Stephanie on tour at Ohio State.

That feeling of being at home wasn’t good enough for me though. When I went home I made a pros and cons list of Ohio State to make sure I was making the right decisions.

Three of the pros that really stood out to me are as follows:

1. Columbus
We have the 15th largest city in the country right in our backyard. We have delicious food, awesome sporting eventssweet galleries, and of course all of the professional opportunities at all the companies located here.

I have had two internships during my time here, both of which were in Columbus. I was able to live with friends and stay involved with my student organizations. I didn’t have to live somewhere completely new for 12 weeks while all my friends were still in Columbus.


Taylor Swift 1989 tour at Nationwide Arena                    downtown

2. We have the largest living alumni network in the entire world!
Half a million Buckeyes are out there waiting to help us as we graduate! Wherever you shout OH, you are guaranteed to hear an IO back. No matter if I leave Columbus, Ohio State will always be there for me.


3. We are the third largest school in the country.
I had this as both a pro and a con for the longest time. I now consider it a pro because I can make the campus as big or as small as I want to on any given day. If I want to see Maroon 5, meet Key and Peele, or hear from Nicholas Sparks I can do that because Ohio State can do that.

However if I want to grab coffee or study with one or two friends, I wouldn’t even be able to tell that there are thousands of other students around me.


Being National Champions would definitely be a pro of going to a big school.

Especially since I had no idea what I wanted to do when I got here, Ohio State’s size has molded my experience for the better. The hardest part is choosing which opportunities I want to take advantage of.

I hope this helps for those of you who are deciding which school is right for you, and congrats to all those who have been #Accepted2OSU! Feel free to leave questions in the comments about my Ohio State story, campus tours, or the college-decision making process!

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