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I Love to Hate Syllabus Week

 Written by    January 15, 2016

Syllabus week is the first week of school back from break where you go to your classes for the first time, learn about the assignments and exams the class will have, and start to get a rhythm down for the semester. Most students love syllabus week because there isn’t usually much to do besides figure out where your classes are. I, however, dread it.

Each year over break there comes that time when you’re ready to go back to school and can’t wait to see all your friends again. You’re excited to buy new school supplies and begin the semester with a clean slate. However once you get back to school you remember why you couldn’t wait for break in the first place.

  1. No one wants to do icebreakers with the class, especially in those 8am’s, yet professors seem to love them. Meanwhile you’re just like…
  1. You are flooded with group projects, deadlines, and papers that you are going to be expected to complete. In reality the vast majority of the assignments won’t be due for weeks, but in your head you have to start them all now, and it can be overwhelming.
  1. You don’t have a routine yet, so you’re not sure when to come home or do homework or more importantly eat between classes.
  1. Everyone is super awkward on the first few days of classes. No one knows anybody, and everyone is trying to figure out the professor’s style of teaching.
  1. Everyone dresses nicely on the first day, which we all know is a farce. Let’s be honest; we’ll all be back to leggings and hoodies next week.
  2. One word: textbooks

The good thing about Syllabus Week is that it’s only a week, and soon enough we can carry on with the rest of our semesters!

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