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Perks to Dorm Life

 Written by    March 30, 2018

Living in the dorms for two years is something students should definitely see as a positive rather than a negative. As the last class with the option to do so, I personally didn’t mind having those two years to live on campus, and here’s a few reasons why:

You don’t have to find housing. This can be a stressful task and there’s already so much to worry about as a new freshman on campus.

Hot and ready meals that you just swipe your BuckID for. You have to account for cooking time when you live off campus, and it’s a little annoying. Not to mention, you might have housemates you share a kitchen with and that could make the process longer.

Not as far of a walk. This is especially imperative when it’s near 5 degrees and you still have to show up for class. Or if you wake up super late you can maybe make it to class on time.

Don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot (or paying for it). There’s a ton of people on campus with cars and may not be any convenient spots near the buildings where you have class.

Bonding with your floormates. These people are usually pretty cool and become some of quality friends. (Shout out to the 2015-2016 Raney Floor 4, I hope you all are doing well!)

Easy access to RHAC programs. They like giving you free food and discounted tickets to theatre or sports events and that’s always a plus.

Study spaces. I’m not a huge fan of studying in the library so this accessible space in my building was always appreciated.

Free food in the dorms. It’s mentioned again because it’s important.

Dorm life definitely has it’s perks. While there are some aspects about it I might consider missing, it’s a great way to meet new people and transition to college. Regardless of where you live, if you search for a supportive community, your time in the dorms and off-campus will provide you with many great friendships and memories.


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