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Junior Year

 Written by    January 20, 2016

“Next year I graduate” I whisper to myself as I absentmindedly cut up the tomatoes for that night’s dinner. Then it hits me, next year I graduate! I reflect on that singular statement and remain amazed as I truly try to grasp how I’ve been able to survive college for three whole years. As I catch myself in the reflection of the pan, I see a twinkle in my eye because I know the end is almost near.


Junior year so far has been amazing for me. I’ve gotten to deepen so many friendships that were just on the surface level as well as actively plan for my future. As many college kids can attest to, once you’re in your junior year, attending the hottest party of the semester no longer becomes a priority. You start to come to the realization that, the real world is fast approaching and it doesn’t care whether you’re prepared for it or not.


Reflecting has allowed me to be immensely grateful for all that the start of junior year has brought me. Entering my second semester made me appreciate the Buckeyes and what being apart of that culture brings to the table. Although I wont miss certain aspects of this year, I will use this time to make sure I remember what this year truly means for me. I will live in the moment and bask in the fact that it will definitely all be worth it in the long run.


To everyone else still behind or ahead, in the wise words of some random person named Beyonce, “I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” There you have it folks, bet on yourself to be the best you can be and you’ll be amazed how well this year will turn out for you.


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