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Three ways to get your GPA in Formation

 Written by    March 1, 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Beyonce recently dropped a new song. While the song is catchy in teaching us how to slay, among other things, it has helped me come up with a way to help those struggling to get their GPA up.


Choosing the right classes

At Ohio State it’s all about coming up with a system that will help you succeed. If you have classes that are required for you to take but may pull your GPA down, mix it up and take some really easy electives that will still count towards your degree. Being able to find the right balance between hard and easy classes is one of the major keys.


Changing your study habits

If you’re like me studying is a painful but necessary evil. I have found that studying can be really challenging to begin with and even more challenging when you’re trying to raise your GPA. The trick is to switch up your studying habits. You can use flashcards if you haven’t before, you can have friends quiz you on topics, or you can even visit tutors if you don’t usually do that. Try a variety of methods, see what works for you, stick to it, and you may be surprised just how well you do.


Stop procrastinating

This may be the single biggest issue that all college students have to deal with. I’m that person that can procrastinate and have a justified reason for pushing something off until later only for me to do it again when ‘later’ comes. It’s hard not to procrastinate especially with all the daily distractions that we encounter. Here’s a solution, write down what you need to get down and give yourself a dollar that will be used towards guilt-free spending for every task you complete. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels to spend money on yourself in a positive way.


Who knows, you might just be a young Bill Gates in the making.



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