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Hidden Gem Resources

 Written by    April 5, 2016

You have probably heard about utilizing your resident advisor, checking out books from Thompson Library, and going to the Student Involvement Fair, but how many of the following hidden gem resources have you heard of or used?

Resource Room in CSLS

The CSLS (Center for Student Leadership and Service) is like the living room you don’t have in your residence hall. The specific part I think is underutilized is the resource room. It’s a crafter’s Heaven. Butcher block, markers, and die cuts among other supplies are totally free for students. You can also print giant posters, make buttons, and create balloon bouquets for your next event. Many student organizations even have lines of credit, so it’s not out of your own pocket. Huzzah!


Buckeye Bar

Nope, it’s not the bar you might be thinking about, but it is an awesome free resource right in the middle of campus. Buckeye Bar is like the Ohio State Geek Squad that can fix you tablet, laptop, or phone. They’re best at software issues, but if it’s a hardware problem that made your computer freeze during finals (been there, done that), their partner TechHub is just down Neil Ave.


General d-tix (Discount Tickets)

Sure you hear about the special event d-tix (Justin Bieber concerts, Beauty and the Beast: The Musical, Columbus Crew matches, and Blue Jackets games), but what about the general tickets that are almost always available? Every week you can get dirt cheap tickets to Gateway Movie Theatre, SegAway Tours of Columbus, or passes to Lazer Kraze!


Check out General Education textbooks

We have 13 libraries on campus. I know you’re saying, “Stephanie, I already knew that!” But my friend did you know you can check out any General Education textbook from the libraries on campus for up to 2 hours at a time? Think of the money you’ll save on textbooks! Ca-ching!


Younkin Center Tutoring

A huge misconception is that going to tutoring means you are struggling in a class. It doesn’t! Some of the students who do the best in classes are the ones that seek out extra help, even if they are already doing well in the class. **Bonus tutoring opportunity in residence halls throughout the year!


Leave your hidden gem resources or questions in the comments below!

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