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Welcome to Brazil!

 Written by    May 11, 2016

Bem Vindo ao Brasil!

This year I was a part of the STEP program at Ohio State; and for my STEP experience I chose to be a part of a study abroad trip to Brazil. I left May 5 and will return May 30. I want to be able to keep you all updated on what I am doing here through this blog! I had hoped to start earlier but things have been pretty busy so far and I’ve been using all of my free time to nap.

To give you all a quick summary of the trip so far, there are 8 students, one advisor, and a resident director on my trip. This is my first time leaving the United States and I only know a few basic words and phrases in Portuguese that I have used Duolingo to teach me over the past few weeks. I survived the 9-hour plane ride and it actually was not that terrible! I realized that fruit and juice is ten times better and fresher in Brazil than in the United States. Just overall the food here is fantastic although it consists of a lot of meat and bread, and meat inside of breads. I have now mastered the currency exchange and don’t freak out when I have to pay 30 Brazilian reals for dinner because I realize that’s only like $10. I can also order food now with minimal help!

Currently, we are staying in a hotel in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. It’s a city roughly the size of Dayton.  So far we have gone shopping, visited a natural hot springs water park, ate at a Brazilian steak house, visited two different universities, and played with elementary aged kids at an after school program. I will keep you all updated with more specifics and what I have gotten out of the program.

Here are some pictures that I have taken from Brazil so far:






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