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Night Life in Meknes

 Written by    June 17, 2016

I’m currently studying Arabic abroad in Morocco, but it’s not all books and homework! In the evenings there are lots of exciting and fun things to do here in Meknes.

The night starts with Iftar, the breaking of the fast as a part of the month of Ramadan. There’s always lots of food and the whole family eats together.


Once the sun sets, all the restaurants and cafes open.  It’s a good time to go out with friends and catch up for the day.


People also go out with their families a lot. I love going exploring with my host sisters! This is also a great time to practice some practical language skills and figure out that Darija (Moroccan Arabic) is very different than the Modern Standard Arabic we learn in school.


My host sisters and I treating ourselves to ice cream

There’s also several fair rides set up around town, which are fairly inexpensive and a lot of fun.



The bumper cars were going to fast for my camera.


The city is pretty busy as late as 2AM, so we have to make the most of it!



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